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Hi! I'm Holly. I'm coming to you from the horse capital of the world. Kentucky born and raised. I'm a partial empty nester. I have one daughter in high school  and one living on her own (is living with a house full of her friends really living on her own?). I also live with my boyfriend Will.

We have a blended pet family His senior basset hound flash moved in with my gaggle of cats and dogs. 

 I love DIY and of course glitter. I have an etsy shop that you can visit here  

Me and Will

My Girlies



  1. Oh. My. Word. If I were a male, I feel like you would be my soulmate! lol. Like you, I'm a super freak about organization (especially my closet) & I absolutely detest mismatched hangers! :) Thanks for following my blog! Following you back. :)

  2. I'm more of a closet color co-ordinator OCD sufferer and live for Sally Hansen nail polish! =)


  3. Hi Holly,

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  4. Hi Holly! Love what I've read of your blog so far....just found you through Not Entirely Perfect! Will def be sticking around!


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