Highland Cows and Diamond Rings

 I am obsessed with cows, I use to sleep with a stuffed cow..cowvin, I have a cow tattoo of said stuffed cow. My home has been decorated in cows since I first left home and moved out on my own. I have loved the scottish highland cows since I first saw them. Saturday I got to pet them and my wonderful boyfriend proposed. 

TC Highland cows is a farm that lets you pet the cows. They are pets and are friendly enough to pet, feed and hug. This is baby Ferdinand he is 3 1/2 months old and we have the same hair.
This is Zelda she is not a fan of having her head petted but she is so gentle about it.

This is Zelda's baby Legend Will had her help with the engagement. We are all laughing because Legend decided this was the best time to pee....on Emmy's leg. Also I didn't get the memo to wear orange.
So first things first I need a good wedding planner. If you know one you can leave the details in the comments, or drop me a message on IG @holly_sheree_

If you are in Kentucky or nearby and want to pet some fluffy cows I highly recommend this farm. I am linking their website.

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