Getting over imposter syndrome

 Its 10:30 on a Thursday night and I just finished working on orders for my etsy shop. I've been doing some soul searching this week. I don't know if its my horrible anxiety, fear of failure, fear of succeeding, or imposter syndrome but I just twirl in a circle like my dog does when she wants to be let out. But as with Sophie I don't actually get anywhere. Side note does anyone else's dog just spin in a circle like that. She only does it when she wants to go it. Its so weird. Ok anyway, back on track. 

I realized this week that I need to get over the imposter syndrome. When I started my etsy shop I basically just threw any old crap up there. (A lot like I do on this blog) A few years ago I decided to get serious. I read articles, took a class, listened to podcasts and now I am in the top 2% of sellers. I am really hoping I push to top 1% before Christmas. That's my big goal. I find myself answering questions in the groups I originally joined to get tips with tips Ive learned along the way. I find myself reading articles promising to "explode your sales!" "Skyrocket your views!" and I roll my eyes. I detest buzz words in my day job and I detest them in pitchy sounding articles that ultimately don't answer what they promise.

Basically I'm  tired of twirling in a circle. I'm going to make some goals right here to make me be accountable. 

  • Blogging more often. I'm setting a goal for three times a week. 
  • Share what I know without using buzz words that make you cringe. 
  • Make it fun. I'm a fun person. I want my little space on the web to also be fun.

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