Highland Cows and Diamond Rings

 I am obsessed with cows, I use to sleep with a stuffed cow..cowvin, I have a cow tattoo of said stuffed cow. My home has been decorated in cows since I first left home and moved out on my own. I have loved the scottish highland cows since I first saw them. Saturday I got to pet them and my wonderful boyfriend proposed. 

TC Highland cows is a farm that lets you pet the cows. They are pets and are friendly enough to pet, feed and hug. This is baby Ferdinand he is 3 1/2 months old and we have the same hair.
This is Zelda she is not a fan of having her head petted but she is so gentle about it.

This is Zelda's baby Legend Will had her help with the engagement. We are all laughing because Legend decided this was the best time to pee....on Emmy's leg. Also I didn't get the memo to wear orange.
So first things first I need a good wedding planner. If you know one you can leave the details in the comments, or drop me a message on IG @holly_sheree_

If you are in Kentucky or nearby and want to pet some fluffy cows I highly recommend this farm. I am linking their website.

Getting over imposter syndrome

 Its 10:30 on a Thursday night and I just finished working on orders for my etsy shop. I've been doing some soul searching this week. I don't know if its my horrible anxiety, fear of failure, fear of succeeding, or imposter syndrome but I just twirl in a circle like my dog does when she wants to be let out. But as with Sophie I don't actually get anywhere. Side note does anyone else's dog just spin in a circle like that. She only does it when she wants to go it. Its so weird. Ok anyway, back on track. 

I realized this week that I need to get over the imposter syndrome. When I started my etsy shop I basically just threw any old crap up there. (A lot like I do on this blog) A few years ago I decided to get serious. I read articles, took a class, listened to podcasts and now I am in the top 2% of sellers. I am really hoping I push to top 1% before Christmas. That's my big goal. I find myself answering questions in the groups I originally joined to get tips with tips Ive learned along the way. I find myself reading articles promising to "explode your sales!" "Skyrocket your views!" and I roll my eyes. I detest buzz words in my day job and I detest them in pitchy sounding articles that ultimately don't answer what they promise.

Basically I'm  tired of twirling in a circle. I'm going to make some goals right here to make me be accountable. 

  • Blogging more often. I'm setting a goal for three times a week. 
  • Share what I know without using buzz words that make you cringe. 
  • Make it fun. I'm a fun person. I want my little space on the web to also be fun.


DIY Raised Container Garden Stand

 We decided we wanted to try growing a garden this year, We have a tiny yard so a container garden is how we decided to go. That's where this beauty comes in. Instead of just having buckets laying around we decided to make a stand to organizer the buckets. I watched this video, however it doesn't tell you how many of each sized of wood to use. So here is the simplified version of the video. 


This is what you will need


16 42"

6 16"

4 26"

2.5" exterior wood screws I used a whole box from Lowes

9 buckets drill holes in the bottom

Stain of choice 

 4 wheels if  you wanted to make it mobile. Long story short we couldn't agree on wheels so we aren't mobile.


We started with making a base of 4 42" 2X4's and made a square. 

In the 4 corners put 16" board

in the center of the square place a 42" board standing on its side.

Centered on top of that board place another 42" board laying flat. Place a 42" board centered between the edge and the center on either side of the center. 


 Next add a 42" board to the top of the vertical posts to make a square.

 Vertical on either side of the center board place a 26" board on each side of the stand. 


Add a 42" board on either side of the 26" vertical board and a 16" board on either end.


  Sophie was a big help as you can see. 

Now to stain it and make it pretty. Don't forget to add drain holes to your buckets. I added a handle just in case we ever agree on the wheels. It takes roughly one bag of potting mix to fill 2 buckets.

I made the little labels so we wouldn't forget what we planted.



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