How to Sublimate on Black

So I've been seeing lots of questions on how to sublimate on black items. 


How to sublimate on black

The short answer is you can't. Sublimation is literally taking color (your sublimation ink) and permanently dying the fabric or substrate that you are using. It embeds into the fibers. You can't make black any other color except black. 

sublimation on black

The long answer is there are a few things you can do depending on what you are wanting to sublimate. 

If its a shirt you can use a 50/50 or 65/35 poly/cotton blend and sublimate and bleach. Bleach is a migraine trigger for me so I avoid it. 

 You can also use Easy Subli.

Its  a blank white vinyl that is works with sublimation printers. You load it like you would regular sublimation paper (shiny side up)and print your design right to it. It is for all shirt types not limited to a high poly count. So break out your favorite black cotton shirt. Unlike regular sublimation you will have a texture feel to the shirt, because its a printable vinyl. 


You can sublimate onto white glitter htv and then press that to your shirt. It will have a cool glitter look to the design. 

 Now lets say what you want is small like a mask or a car license plate, can coolie ect. You can start out with the white and color everything black except what you need a different color. 

My boyfriend is a former Marine and he always wants me to make him things, but he wants it all on black. This is where sublimating small things works well. I can take a white substrate and color everything black except for the Eagle Globe and Anchor. 

Feel free to drop me any questions that you may have concerning sublimation or crafting in general. I am happy to help.

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