How to Make an Audrey 2 Halloween Decoration

Do you ever feel like this? My daughter tells people that our house is what happens when Michael's and Hobby Lobby had a baby. So when I saw this cute Audrey 2 from Little shop of Horrors at Michael's I wanted it. But I am also cheap and didn't want it 199.00 worth. So I set out to make it at hopefully a fraction of the cost. I probably could have made it for less than 10 if I was at my house when the desire to recreate Audrey happened. However, I was at my boyfriends house. Surprisingly, a former U. S Marine minimalist bachelor with no children has no craft supplies at his house. None. Not even a hot glue gun. So I went in to the craft with nothing. The damage? Just $28.86. 

Lets start with supplies:

These are the supplies that I used they can be substituted with similar items if you can't find everything exactly.  

Foam half circles (Hobby Lobby)

Paint:; 2 shades of green, brown, red and white

Pot (I couldn't find a flower pot so I used a foam bucket with a lid)

paint brushes (seriously he didn't even own paint brushes)

tooth picks

hot glue gun and sticks

dowel rod

Leaves (I pulled them off a bouquet of roses)

You'll see fall leaves in the picture I didn't use those 

Step : Paint everything. I painted the bucket brown, the half circles and dowel got painted the lighter green. If you want to add mini Audrey 2 for the bottom you can get mini pumpkins and paint those. I got them at Hobby Lobby. Once everything dries I painted some darker green accents on the half circles then added red for the lips. 

Once everything dries I added a brick I found outside to add some weight to the foam bucket. Poked a hole in the top of the lid (hot glued the lid down) and then added the dowel. I also added some hot glue around the hole to give it some added stability. 

I added the teeth to one side of the circles and gently pushed them together. I added them to just the from the the circles. This also holds the two halves. I would suggest to paint the tooth picks white. I forgot this step when I did it. 


See this adorable Bassett Hound? That's my boyfriends dog Flash. He thought it would be a great idea to walk through my paint and then run down the hall. Will may never let me craft at his house again. (Kidding he didn't care)

Next poke a  hole in the head and gently push it onto the dowel. I added hot glue around the area where the head and the dowel meet for stability. 

I pulled the leaves off of the rose bouquet and glued them onto the dowel. I wish I could have found a green leaf garland but apparently those are all sold out.

I painted the little pumpkins green and pushed the pick into the top of the bucket lid. 

Including paint drying time this project took me 1.5 hours.

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