Quarantine Update

Remember back in March when I said I was going to chronicle life while in quarantine? Well turns out I did a bunch of nothing even though I had basically three months off work. The road to hell is paved with good intentions I guess.

But, let me tell what did happen the last three months. Em and I had super big plans for her 16th birthday. We were going to New York. We had tickets 8 rows back from the stage to see Wicked. Well Broadway shut down, New York became a hot spot so we had to cancel our trip.

What happened instead was a guy from my home town who I had heard of (his dad was the Dr. that fixed my arm when I broke it and left me traumatized lol) but we had  never met (he went to a different school) started messaging me. We decided to meet (on the day I would have been watching Wicked) We hit it off and have been basically inseparable. If you follow me on instagram you have already seen him because he is basically the only thing I've posted lately.

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