Quarantines Day 8-9

Lets start with a State of Kentucky report:

The governor has ordered all non essential retail businesses to close. People are rejoicing that liquor stores count as essential. I am a little sad that Hobby Lobby does not count as essential. I think Lowes counts as essential I have several projects I want to finish while I am home.

People started a fb group so people can make and share memes about what a great job our governor is doing. Its not often Kentucky makes the news for doing something right. You may remember several years ago when the county clerk in my town made international news for not doing her job. You may have also seen our previous governor in the news for being a dumbass. I have designed some shirts for my shop showing my love for our leadership.
Andy For President



We have over a hundred cases of the virus so far, thankfully none in my town yet.

Now on to the State of Holly report:

I am mildly embarrassed at how well the McDonalds drive thru staff knows me know. Its just so convenient because its right across the road from my house. I don't even have to get out of my post apocalyptic wardrobe of sweats and a tshirt with no bra. Also I haven't exercised in days and have eaten my weight in food everyday.

Non essential businesses apparently include cell phone repair stores. I had a massive freak out when my phone started having vertical lines through it and fading so much I couldn't see the screen. Thankfully I was able to call in a favor from a friend that does phone repairs and he hooked me up with a new screen. It did have a weird glitch tonight and kept typing q in a message like it was possessed and it doesn't want to go to a black screen when you are talking on the phone. Thankfully, I rarely actually talk on the phone so it should be fine.

I am trying to keep busy. Today I tackled the huge task of cleaning out my filing cabinet and purging stuff I didn't need to keep. I've been dreading that job for months.

I've also started rewatching Greek on Hulu. I forgot how good that show was. Team Cappie all the way.

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