Quarantined Day 1-7

Lets revive this old blog and  hopefully while I am off work for the foreseeable future I'll be more regular about posting.

So, what do I hope to accomplish here? Nothing lol. I just want a place to journal what is going on possibly share some tips, maybe make you laugh. Basically, how am I spending my time now that I am working from home, and home schooling an honors/AP student. Imagine the good old days of journal blogging. That's me right now.  

So lets call it day 7 of quarantine. Really that just means day 7 since all the schools closed.

What you have missed days 1-6 obviously I mean Kentucky Specifically. Schools closed, restaurants are drive thru only or delivery. Basically, any business that faces the public is closed. Exceptions to that are stores, utilities, banks, factories, post office and hospitals. The doctors offices aren't doing anything elective. Emmy (in case you're new here she is my almost 16  year old.) had her last orthodontist appointment but it was canceled. We aren't stressing it because it was basically just to check that her retainer still fits and is working. It is so we're all good.

We had tickets to see Wicked on Broadway. That isn't happening now. We are really bummed it was Emmy's epic 16th birthday adventure in New York. Our tickets were 6 freakin' rows back from the stage. I'm dying inside. But I do agree the right decisions have been made. We will get tickets for another time and who knows maybe be will be closer than 6 rows. (Fingers Crossed)

I mean people we have to laugh around here. I spend a lot of money on those tickets, it was canceled (but we've been told a refund is coming) I had paid for our rooms and for 10 more I could have gotten insurance but I literally thought what in the world would keep us from going? Aside from an apocalypse. Oh yeah an actual apocalypse.  So that money is gone. I had paid a few hundred for Em to go to a School trip. I don't know if your state has this but ours has a mock government complete with elected officials and people passing laws. She had worked so hard on her Sex Trafficking bill and was ready to present it. She had a bill pass into law in 8th grade and was hoping to repeat it.   Nope the whole thing was canceled I'll only get a partial refund on that. She was invited to prom for two different schools. I thankfully did not buy a dress yet because it looks like school may be online for the rest of the school year.

On day 7 Em started talking in a Russian accent. She read about Rasputin and that did it. She has a really good accent. One of her best friends is from Russian. But its a little annoying.

My phone also decided that today would be a good day to slowly start its death spiral. It has lines through it and slowly fades so you can't see what you are looking at.....and yes I am wearing my reading glasses, thanks for asking. 

So that's pretty much the last 7 days. Where are you and what are you doing to keep occupied in this crazy time?

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