Sublimation Necessities What You Really Need

You've been thinking about getting into sublimation and its all so confusing and you don't know where to really start. You aren't even sure what all you will need. I am here to break it down I'm going to tell you what are the necessities and even tell you exactly what I'm using.Some links are affiliate links and if you purchase I get a small portion back at no extra cost  to you. These are the products that I currently use.

First and foremost you need a printer. I'll go into more details about options and costs in another post but unless you are going to buy transfers from someone you're going to need a way to print your designs. I use this exact printer. It has been converted from printing regular ink to printing sublimation ink.

You'll need sublimation ink. There are lots of good brands that we'll go into later but this is the ink Iuse.

You'll need sublimation paper. It is what helps the magic happen. Just a heads up don't freak out that the image color looks faint. Once it heats up on the substrate it looks bright. Here is the paper I use.

Here is the paper fresh off the printer and a picture of a shirt fresh off the press. 

You'll need a substrate (fancy word for sublimation blank) Remember your substrate has to be a high poly count or have a poly coating.

Blow out paper. If you are coming over from vinyl you know you cover the item you are pressing with a teflon sheet. You don't use teflon in sublimation because it traps in the moisture and moisture is the enemy of sublimation. I use packing paper from walmart its in the section with the bubble wrap
boxes. I put one on the base of my press and one over the item that im pressing. The bottom one is not mandatory but I just like the extra protection. I don't change that one after every press. The top sheet I change after every press.

A heat press. You have to heat the ink to 400 degrees. In some cases you can get away with 380 the press has to be uniform so an iron really won't work to get a good image.

If you are wanting to pres on mugs you will either need a mug press or a convection oven and mug wraps. This is the convection oven that I use.                                                                                                                                                          

Heat Tape and/or repositioning spray. I use heat tape 99% of the time It hold your paper down and keeps it from shifting and causing uneven printing and ghosting. I also sometimes use 505 spray. Its available in the sewing section at walmart. This is the tape I use.

There you go the necessities of sublimation and the exact materials that I use. If you have any topic that you want me to cover leave them in the comments.

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