Sublimation Basics: Pros and Cons

So you want to try your hand at sublimation. I love subbing. Its 99% of what my shops are. You can visit them here and here. If you are feeling overwhelmed and aren't sure this is for you, rest assured I am here to help.

So What is sublimation?
Its a printing process that uses special ink on special paper that allows you to decorate t shirts, coffee mugs, pillows, key chains, just to name a few. Basically, anything that is made of poly or has a poly coating. The possibilities are limitless.  Its really great if you want to do full color (minus white) images without having to cut and weed a bunch of vinyl.

 The Pros of Sublimation.  
Its quicker to do orders. No more waiting for your vinyl cutter to cut the vinyl, then weeding and then pressing. You print, place and press.

When pressed on an item with a high poly count 65% or above with 100% being optimal the image will not crack, fade, or peel. It will last as long as the item you pressed it to.

The Cons of Sublimation  
Designs will be low quality or non existent when pressed onto a low poly count item. You can't press onto a cotton shirt.

Because the process literally dyes the fabric with the ink you can't sublimate on dark color items. No black tshirts. You have to have items lighter than the colors you are using. I love using athletic gray shirts.

If you make a mistake you can't reheat and peel to fix it like you would with vinyl. Once its pressed its permanent. So make sure there is no stray flecks of ink on your paper before you press.

You need a heat press the reaction required to turn the ink into a gas to print onto the substrate (the sublimation blank)  has to get to 400 degrees.

If you have any questions I am happy to answer them just leave me a comment below.

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