Well hello there...where I've been and what the future looks like

Yeah, I know, Ive been gone over a year. I've had a lot going on and truthfully I just wasn't having fun here. It felt like a chore and I didn't like that at all.
  • One kid graduated high school, moved out, started college
  • one kid graduated middle school, started high school, and started a million extra curricular activities. 
  • I adopted a french bulldog named Hank. (long story short I was at a flea market and a breeder was getting rid of him because he was infertile and "useless to him" If someone didn't take him he would have been put down. He was young and hyper and drove my two senior dogs crazy.
  • So I adopted a Pit Bull (Sophie Ann) to keep the Frenchie entertained. Which she does. But going from having small dogs that I can carry around to, a hurricane made out of bricks, like I lovingly refer to her had its learning curve. She thinks she is the same size as her siblings which is what lead to her being referred to as a hurricane made of bricks. Shes super sweet and definitely keeps the Frenchie occupied. 
  • Cat Hair and Glitter the shop is doing well. There are chunks of time I'm so busy I have to put the kids to work. So it of course made sense to start a second shop.
  • Olivia Beth Boutique (The girls middle names) This shop is mostly home decor pillow and it will soon have framed wall signs and personalized decorative candles. Its still a brand new shop but its already showing promise. 
  • I started to make a crafting YouTube channel and recorded a couple of videos and quickly realized I hate editing them and don't want to edit. So that's on hold. 
  • Haunted Family Podcast my paranormal true crime podcast is doing well. We've hit a snag with our weekly recording but out daily downloads are going up every week. 
  • I got Lyme disease again. It sucked just as much the second time.
  • I started training for a 10K race. Its in late September which should be super hot and humid in Ky.
  • I started re watching Gilmore Girls again and picked up so many things I missed the last two times since I've actually been to several of these places now. 
  • I decided I want to move to New England when Em graduates from high school. Preferably Connecticut (we've joked about it being Lyme Connecticut) but we'll see. My job can actually only be done here so that will have to be thought about. 
Now, for what the future holds.  I am hoping to blog at least a couple times a week. I'd like to mostly do what I would have done on the YouTube channel. So you will see whatever I'm currently crafting. It may not be for everyone but I'll make it as entertaining as I can. I have meetings and site visits and its opening week for the musical Emmy is in (Legally Blonde) Hank is also in it, he is playing Rufus. so expect a new post next Monday.

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