When you know a murderer

So an absolutely horrific tragedy happened in my hometown over the weekend. A guy I  went to high school with and thought I knew really well, shot and killed his parents. Then he drove into town and shot and killed his girlfriend, her mom and then himself. His girlfriends daughter was thankfully in Florida competing with the high school cheerleaders.

As someone who hosts a true crime podcast I read all the time friends of killers saying they never saw it coming and that they were a great person...ect. Here I am completely stunned that this happened. We were fairly close in school. He dated one of my friends and I was the third wheel a lot. I can honestly say I never imagined hed do anything at all like this.

I haven't spoken to him in awhile. He had gotten in to church and my constant use of the word Fuck was offensive. Remember the super bowl post where I said I deleted 50 people and other deleted me... he deleted me. Which is kind of funny that I offended a spree murderer.

His sister died a few months ago and I think he was maybe, possibly (please don't quote me) using again. The last time I spoke to him he was talking about his recovery and doing really well. Said he wanted to stay clean for his kid. I told him how proud I was of him.

Proof that the world (or Kentucky at least) is a small place. I posted the story on the Kentucky fan page for the podcast My Favorite Murder. The very first comment was a girl saying she grew up in Pike County (Two Counties Away) but her aunt taught in Johnson County. I asked who the aunt was......

It was my ex fiancees mom. So I every excitedly told her that I was Heath's ex. Yes people I am cursed. If your keeping score that's two failed engagements, two failed marriages and a failed long term relationship. I should give anti relationship advice.

Anyway, She was excited that she remembered me. She was going to be a Bridesmaid and sing. She sent me a friend request and I accepted. I totally miss that family. It really seems like If I like a persons family its almost a given that we won't make it. Its crazy how murder can bring people together.

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