When you know a murderer

So an absolutely horrific tragedy happened in my hometown over the weekend. A guy I  went to high school with and thought I knew really well, shot and killed his parents. Then he drove into town and shot and killed his girlfriend, her mom and then himself. His girlfriends daughter was thankfully in Florida competing with the high school cheerleaders.

As someone who hosts a true crime podcast I read all the time friends of killers saying they never saw it coming and that they were a great person...ect. Here I am completely stunned that this happened. We were fairly close in school. He dated one of my friends and I was the third wheel a lot. I can honestly say I never imagined hed do anything at all like this.

I haven't spoken to him in awhile. He had gotten in to church and my constant use of the word Fuck was offensive. Remember the super bowl post where I said I deleted 50 people and other deleted me... he deleted me. Which is kind of funny that I offended a spree murderer.

His sister died a few months ago and I think he was maybe, possibly (please don't quote me) using again. The last time I spoke to him he was talking about his recovery and doing really well. Said he wanted to stay clean for his kid. I told him how proud I was of him.

Proof that the world (or Kentucky at least) is a small place. I posted the story on the Kentucky fan page for the podcast My Favorite Murder. The very first comment was a girl saying she grew up in Pike County (Two Counties Away) but her aunt taught in Johnson County. I asked who the aunt was......

It was my ex fiancees mom. So I every excitedly told her that I was Heath's ex. Yes people I am cursed. If your keeping score that's two failed engagements, two failed marriages and a failed long term relationship. I should give anti relationship advice.

Anyway, She was excited that she remembered me. She was going to be a Bridesmaid and sing. She sent me a friend request and I accepted. I totally miss that family. It really seems like If I like a persons family its almost a given that we won't make it. Its crazy how murder can bring people together.


It's Super Bowl Hangover Monday

Except I don't actually have a hangover from alcohol.

Just an FYI When someone takes something EXTREMELY Seriously you should probably avoid telling them that they are taking something too serious, and also avoid any type of teasing behavior.  There are some things I have zero sense of humor about.....Football is that thing. Honestly, its the reason I can't watch the Super Bowl (Or any important game) with anyone, unless its the kids, because they know how I am and love me anyway. An example of how I am, during the College Championship game Hannah and I were rooting for opposing teams so we watched in different rooms.  At one point I yelled, at the TV "Glad you decided to start actually playing the f***ing game" Emmy who was laying on the couch turned around and said "who are you" It made me laugh. But in the end Bama won and I had to limit my told you so's. Because I am a sore winner and a sore loser. I am really just a competitive asshole.

Super Bowl Sunday is always a day I lose friends on facebook. Super Bowl 48 I mass deleted 50 people. I am sure my F-bomb laced fb posts caused me to be deleted by a bunch too but truthfully I haven't missed them so their loss.  I like to pretend that game didn't happen. Yesterday was mild I only deleted 2, but had to hide everything football related that my sister posted.Then we got into a heated discussion on messenger where she called me a sore loser. Ummm yeah... I just had to stay off social media after the game. I hold a grudge y'all. I can hold one until the end of time. Wanna know why I will never be a Eagles fan? Two words......Michael Vick. Yup, I know he hasn't been on the team in years,and as my sister pointed out how many of the current team even played with him, but its a matter of principle and  that's how deeply I can hold a grudge. If you think I dislike them, I probably wouldn't even watch a Super Bowl that the Steelers were in. I'm sorry if I am offending any Eagles fans. Everyone has a level of "bad behavior" that they are willing to overlook and for how long they are willing to overlook it. The Patriots may or may not cheat. That doesn't cause pain and suffering on innocent animals. Even when Aaron Hernandez killed Odin Lloyd they cut him within 2 hours of his arrest. Animals are my weak spot. I will stand up for them always.

So yes, people who tell me I take a game too serious, I know this about myself. I really am a sore loser and not a great winner either. I am high strung and very competitive. Its just who I am and probably one of the reasons I will die alone.

Hannah is convinced that I am a curse. I was banished from the super bowl festivities at half time. But I did get to enjoy the Rob Gronkowski cake. We also made a cake for Leia for the puppy bowl. At least Leia's Team Fluff won. I had to laugh almost every gay friend I had posted some variation of "Go Sports" I had to comment that I am watching the game with a room full of girls, half of which were lesbians. Emmy was confused why we had two cakes and party food for just the 4 of us, but then Abbey said that's just how we are.

The only anti patriots posts I was able to handle came from my friend Dan who put it in a perspective that only a gay may can...."Bill Belichick deserved to loose that game. I mean anyone who would have worn that outfit in public. You look like your going to a 80's party with a 60's body" Speaking of outfits, WTF was Justin Timberlake wearing. He looked like a prospector with that bandanna and shirt that looked like Bob Ross painted it.

If you followed Leia's instagram before we somehow got locked out of it and started her a new one. If you want to follow and see cute puppy pictures its princess.leia.mck 

Also here is our cakes....Even though we lost the cakes tasted good.  I wish I had gotten more fondant. I had never used it before. I had no idea why it was soooo much easier than trying to spread icing.


How to Start a Podcast: Guide to Podcasting Equipment

So you read the post 7 Things to consider before starting a podcast and you feel like you you are ready. The next thing I suggest is to get your gear together. This is a guide to the basic equipment you will need to get stated.

We started with super basic condenser microphones. You definitely got what you paid for.  The sound quality was not that great and editing was a nightmare because we could have 30 min of "can you hear me now" to edit out. I'm currently using a Blue Snowball. I love this mic. I wish it had an arm like Heather's mic because I record on my bed and sometimes I knock it over.

Pop Filter: 
This is a mesh like circle that attaches to your mic or its a foam like ball. The purpose is to keep your P's from popping.

 We didn't think his was a priority at first but it really makes a difference. I am using super cheap walmart headphones but they are getting upgraded next. I really need a pair of noise canceling headphones especially for editing.

Editing Program:
We  use audacity to record and edit. Its a free program. I will do a whole post on how we edit and record.

Heather and I call each other using skype and then we each hit record in audacity.

We love our iphones but there are just some things you need an actual computer for. If you listened to earlier episodes you you know Heather was using a million year old laptop. Thankfully she upgraded. I record on a Dell Latitude.

Hosting Site:
We tried to go free, and its possible. I actually don't remember how we did it because it was complicated. Then we switched to a hosting site that cut us off after an hour an episode (even though we were paying for extra, but oh well) Finally we switched to Podbean and have never regretted the switch. It is really easy to upload, we have all the space we want (which is great in case we do another 3 hour episode like our Kurt Cobain episode. It also allows us to have  a great website, and out of this world analytics. If you sign up for a podbean account use our affiliate code hauntedfamilypb. It doesn't cost you anything extra but helps us.

Domain Name:
We use GoDaddy to set up our domain name but really you can use any domain name purchasing site. A domain name isn't necessary but it does help people find you and establishes your brand.

Come back next week  to continue talking about setting up your own podcast.
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