Winter Survival Necessities

So hey hows it going?  I had the day off (yesterday). The state of Kentucky (ok the university) decided to shut down today because the entire state got a bunch of snow. Its pretty rare for me to have a snow day so I took advantage of it and listed 6 new shirts and 13 stadium blankets. One is even blue with a paw print in celebration of my impromptu snow day. Since I spent the entire day and I do mean 12 whole hours, sitting at a computer (in my warm bed). I was in a checking stats kinda mood. So here I am. I just got back from checking stats here and I was shocked people read my last post and even more surprised that I had a highish number of visits. High considering I never share this blog on anything. That's when I noticed people were reading an old post. From the bygone era of me posting semi regularly.

I thought maybe since people were visiting that post that I could do a follow up. Especially since While working on my etsy shop I sat on my bed and watched cars wreck outside my window. We had about 6 in just 1 hour. I live on the most traveled road in my town. So you know its bad.

Winter Travel Necessities

I live in a well populated area and on the main road in town, so as long as I am in my town I could walk home. I do travel a lot for work and in some not so populated areas so I keep my car stocked just in case. At the moment I could probably live a few days in my car. Not because I am that prepared, but because its that messy. This is not a survivalist level list of things you need, but a just the basics. 

1. Non Clumping Kitty Litter- I keep a bag of the super cheap (less than a dollar litter) This is good for sticking under your tires. It helps give them traction. I bought a bag for Hannah's car too and she thought I was crazy, until we had a sheet of ice on our driveway and were able to back her down the hill no trouble, all thanks to the added traction of the cat litter.

2. A flash light- I got mine from Harbor Freight. It has a hanger on it so if you needed to see under your hood you can do it hands free.

3. Extra Gloves, socks, shoes- When one set gets wet you don't want to be stuck with in them all night. You can find these gloves in my etsy shop. Also available is just the gloves.

4. Charger- I have an iphone which means I am charging my phone about 4 times a day. Not really, I actually just got my phone so I am only charge it twice a day. But it still means I have to have a charger available all the time. I actually have a charger just for my car and one just for my house.

5. Throw Blankets- These come in handy if you can't keep your car running because you are conserving gas. I have a few of these in my car. They are like curling up in your favorite sweatshirt. You can find this one in my shop also.

6. Water and snacks- I keep a few bottles of water and some small snacks, granola bars, protein bars, individual bags of chips, or beef jerky are all good items to have handy.

7. I almost always have my work bag in my car which has stuff I could be catching up on, or magazines for reading. Great for occupying you for hours. You could just throw a book or your Kindle in the car. Although don't leave electronics in your car, the cold temps could ruin them.

8. Small tool Kit- Mine really only consists of a knife and some screw drivers. I really need to be better about this.

9. First Aid Kit- I keep a variety of head ache meds, band aids, Allergy meds. This is a result of Emmy once getting too close to something that had been near a horse and she had a head to toe rash and her eyes swelled shut. So from now on Benadryl and Allegra stays with me. Yes she use to be so allergic to horses that she could be near something that was once near a horse and have a reaction. She swears she isn't that allergic now. I am not taking any chances. Dramamine. I get car sick. This is a necessity.

10. Car Care items like jumper cables and a spare tire, windshield scrapper.

11. Lighter- I really don't know why I have this. Once when I had a flat the guy who came to change my  tire asked me if I had one. So now I keep one. I have never used it. 
12. When you hear that you are getting snow go ahead and fill your car up with gas. You don't want to be stranded in a ditch and unable to run your car to stay warm because you are afraid you will run out of gas.
 Things I should add but haven't yet
I mentioned these things two years ago. Wanna know something? I still don't have them in my car. To be fair though we had no snow last year. Or at least none that impacted travel at all. 

1. Small mini shovel
2. Flare
3. More variety of tools

The bright side is everything that I keep in my car can fit inside a 31 utility tote.
If you live in a cold weather climate. Is there anything you keep in your car that I have left out?

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