Whats going on January Edition

Hi guys. So I do have a bunch of posts planned, but I just really haven't felt like doing the necessary photos for said posts, so they are temporarily on hold. Instead I'm going to catch you up on our lives lately.

Abbey: Is in the Spring musical again. Basically we have no after school time with her until the end of school. Especially since basketball season is still going on and she plays pep for that.

Emmy: Has her last swim meet this week. I took her swimming on Saturday to help her with some things she is struggling with. (flip turns mostly) she needs some work on starts too but since it was open swim time we didn't have access to the starting block and we'd probably have landed on someone because we were doing laps around the other swimmers. I am so proud of her. She has improved so much. I swear this kid has a natural talent. I will tell you there is nothing like racing a teenager on their stroke (not yours) that will make you feel old.  Although I totally beat her on my stroke :) But, this happening after Ernie beat me racing last summer. I have to get back into shape its killing me  to know that people are better. I really do hate to see the season ending. I told her we could keep going back to the pool to train in the off season.

Me: So the pool was just the start of it. I have been on an exercise spree  which is so unlike me lol but I am super competitive and Abbey and Hannah have joined a gym so I can't let everyone be fit without me. I am doing a 30 day squat challenge. That first day I thought I was going to die. I've also been walking a few times a week 4 miles and 11 flights of stairs is my personal best. I ran the stairs. Then there was the laps in the pool. Ok so this has only been going on for 2 weeks. I can't see any progress yet.

Hannah: Is back on a joining the Marines kick. She wanted to then she thought she had gained too much weight. Being at the gym has made her reconsider again. Of course she is still talking about going to EKU with Abbey so who knows. I am not getting panicky about Abbey moving somewhere that I can get to in an hour just yet. But you better believe if Hannah enlists I will be a wreck.

Movies: I took Abbey and Emmy to see Forever My Girl. Emmy and I are going back to see it this week. Seriously a good movie. Take tissues though. We immediately downloaded the soundtrack and have been listening to almost nothing else for weeks.

Super Bowl: Hannah is a huge Patriots fan and I am still holding a grudge against the Eagles for having Michael Vick as their QB. So we will be in Red, White and Blue on Sunday. We are also making a football jersey cake. That should be fun. This is the shirt I made myself. The cats laid on it before I could get a picture. So proof the blog is aptly named.  Yes the letters are made of glitter.

In Other News: The house beside me has been on the market for a year and 3 months. It finally sold. Hannah has been parking there since my driveway is weird and you can't park side by side so sometimes you get trapped by the person who comes home last. She wasn't happy that she has to either keep moving her car or park in my yard, which is squishy right now. I still haven't decided if I am going to tell them that my neighbor died there.

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