Just some New Years Updates

Hi...I almost couldn't remember my password to log in here. That's how long its been. I was seriously surprised to see I have actually had readers in my absence. I am going to chalk it up to Heather mentioning this blog on our podcast which has a crazy amount of listeners. Anyway a lot has changed since I've been gone. In no particular order:

My work gave me a fitbit. I've been so excited, you know, to track my non existent steps. Actually I use it to track my nonexistent sleep 3 hours one night and 4 the next, followed by 11 the night after that. I love the heart rate feature. Now I understand why my dad use to wear his O2 monitor 24/7. Its strangely satisfying to see your body at work. If you have a Fitbit and want to be a part of my community let me know. I definitely think I need a competitive motivation.

I am no longer house hunting. After finding my literal dream house (pool and a doggy door. I am apparently not that hard to please) My relationship went down the toilet so no engagement or house. I am heart broken to say the least. I will be happy to talk about it, just not publicly on the blog.

I had an entire week off work between Christmas and New Years. It was amazing. I used that time to not think about this neglected blog. Instead I used it to paint my livingroom (which you can see in the upcoming Haunted Family Podcast YouTube videos)

Which reminds me, HFP recorded two videos for their just as neglected (as this blog) YouTube Channel. If it wasn't for Podbean uploading recording of our episodes for us there would be nothing there.

Which also reminds me. I believe I am hooked on YouTube. Emmy has been wanting to start her own channel for awhile and for Christmas she got equipment to get her on her way (which I used to make the HFP videos) But I am 99.9% sure that I will be starting my own channel there doing crafts. so if your interested in the crafty side of Cat Hair and Glitter you can check me out over there.....at some point. I'm thinking February or March.

Further proof I did nothing on my week off I downloaded a game I use to play years and years ago, Tiny Tower. I am sucked in again and waste more time than I want to admit on it.

I also want to jump on the Instant Pot bandwagon. I haven't bought one yet but seeing everyone on my FB feed with theirs is making me jealous. Do you have one? Would you recommend it?

I think that's it for updates. I am hoping to stop in and visit everyone this week (virtually on your blog, not in real life because I am an introvert and its too damn cold to get out)

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