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I'm house hunting again. I swore when I bought my house 3 years ago that I wasn't moving again. I'm gaining a new husband in 197 days (but whose counting) that means I need space. When I bought my house it was me and my two girls. The size was fine for us. Then Hannah moved in and that girl brought a lot of stuff with her (and two cute dogs) I had to find room for guitars, amps and so many clothes that their room looks like it is going to burst.

Those were also the days before I started my etsy shop. My supplies have taken over my room and part of the living room. Basically unless I do a massive decluttering there just isn't room for another person in this house. Not to mention one that will have 3 kiddos visiting during breaks and holidays.

I never stopped looking at Zillow even after I bought my house so I had an idea what was available before we officially started looking. At first I had my heart set on a fixer upper. 5 bedrooms, a partially finished basement. I had visions of fixing it up and chronicling it on the blog. Then I came to my senses. Even without a large home renovation I don't have time to come here and write. Also it needed a lot of work. The basement stairs are a nightmare and would need to be replaced, flooring is needed in the family room, and it has no garage door. The kitchen is lacking upper cabinets and only has two usable bottom cabinets. The hard wood floors are original but are in rough shape so it would need to be refinished. That's not even talking about the holes in the walls and atrocious paint colors. Plus we'd need to fence in an area for the dogs. But that is the easiest project since I've already done that before.

Since then, we have looked at a 4 bedroom completely move in ready. I wouldn't even need to paint unless I just really wanted to.  It also needs a space for the dogs but it has a gorgeous deck and a huge picture window. It sits far enough off the road that the view is great. The downside to this is it has an RECC for electric. I swore I would never buy another house that has a Rural Electric Co-Op Corporation. That sounds like it would be a good thing doesn't it? A Rural Co-Co? In my experience the electric is way more, and they aren't as good about service. Power goes out and doesn't get back on quickly.  The last time I had it, the power went off every single time we had a heavy storm. It is also at the top of what I want to pay, and has carpet downstairs. Its a split level so really the dogs don't need to be downstairs but try telling a cat what they can and can't do lol. It just means lots of vacuuming. But it has tons of storage space and a work shop. Its basically perfect.

Then we saw one in downtown. I am in downtown and I love it. Its not for everyone, but I love being able to walk places. The downside to my house is Its on a super busy road and I'm beside Penn Station so there are many days I get out of the car and then NEED a Philly Cheese Steak. The downtown house is up a side road. I'd be closer to campus. Not that it matters because Abbey has decided on her college and it is not the one here. The road is pretty narrow there is a sign at the entrance of the road that says no big trucks. You cross a bridge to get to the driveway. A bridge that has no barriers on the side. Its also a shared driveway. I've never had one of those but I worry about how that would work. Inside though the house is great. It has a completely fenced in backyard with two storage buildings and is private. It also has a climate controlled sun room. It doesn't seem to have any major issues but according to zillow it is on the market for less than it sold for last. Who sales a house for less than they paid?

Then we saw a house that belonged to the cutest older couple. They have moved to Versailles (Kentucky not France) Also pronounced Ver-sales and not Ver-sigh. Our agent thought they were completely out but when we showed up they were there packing the last of their things. OMG they were precious. They let us look around. It would need some work mostly painting and a fence for the dogs. It has a small library complete with built in book shelves and a fire place. I want to turn that into the etsy workshop and studio for recording the current podcast (true crime, paranormal, and unsolved mysteries) and the new podcast Ernie and I are starting next year. Its about college football, I'll probably throw in some NFL too. This house had the smallest yard and pulling out onto the main road is sometimes a problem here. But the street is really quiet. It also has a sun room but I am not sure if it has heat or air going to it. It also has RECC electric. Its also the cheapest of all the houses.

All of the houses are within a mile of where I am now. I've made a pro-con list for each. I just really can't decide. We are all in agreement that the one at the top of our budget is the best, but I just can't get past the price tag. After that we are at a loss. I don't know if we should keep considering the fixer upper.
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