Endings and Beginings

You may have already heard the news if you follow my podcast on instagram, but my dad passed away two weeks ago. Its been hard to get back into the swing of things. Heather (my sister) helped me clear out his place and arrange for his cremation. I couldn't imagine trying to get everything done in the 3 days of bereavement if his estate was bigger.

I can't brag enough on how sweet Ernie was during all of this. He had just gone to bed when I called to tell him. He stayed up with me all night and then drove straight to my house after work so he could be with me when I visited the funeral home. The lady we dealt with at the funeral home reminded me of Emily Gilmore (Gilmore Girls) Mother In Law. When he went home a few days later, Abbey had stuck a note inside his suitcase telling him if he was wondering how he could ask permission to marry me with dad gone, that they (Abbey and Emmy) give it to him.

Well that set in motion a surprise engagement. He came back later that week and conspired with the kids to get me on Lockegee. I have mentioned this rock before that you hike to the rock and then climb straight up. It was right at sunset and absolutely gorgeous. He got down on one knee and told me that he has loved me since we were 16 and would love it if I would marry him.


It was the sweetest thing I have ever experienced. We are thinking memorial day weekend for the wedding.

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