A Quick Update

Hi. Did you guys miss me these last three months? I pretty much just fell off the face of the earth social media wise. I haven't read a blog in ages. I haven't even kept up with GOMI. I have randomly posted on instagram. So you at least know I bought Cat Shoes. Other than that, Its been a crazy summer.

I traveled to the North East and fell in love. I always felt like I was in the wrong state. How can I be the only person here that loves anything and everything over basketball? Not to mention horses scare me. But the east coast called me like no other place has. I really need to find a way to move there ASAP. Especially Connecticut. I can't explain it but that place feels like home. Salem Mass was awesome and I need to go back soon.

If you follow me on instagram (hollysgrass for personal and cathairandglitter for the very neglected blog) You may have noticed I am still with the guy I dated in high school. I was really thinking this blog was a curse because every time I share a relationship we break up soon after. This nearly happened. But we worked through the issue and all is well. We have watched a lot of football. the first weekend we went to a football game at his old high school. It was fun if not a little weird. The last time I had been at that school, I was at a band competition and  returning his jersey and other stuff I had of his. We can't remember who it was that I gave the stuff to, but he must have gotten it back.

I've been working on the etsy shop. It keeps improving which is awesome to see it grow. I listed a bunch of new things last week, and have more to list soon. If there is something you want but don't see let me know. I can probably make it.

Marching Band Season has begun which means no life until November. We are currently trying to get all the props painted and ready. I really don't know what I will do with myself when its over and I have free time.

Oh wait yes I do. I finally applied to get my Masters degree. I had been on the fence for so long about what to get it in. I finally decided on communication. Which most of my day job has switched to anyway, and it will also (hopefully) help with this space and the podcast. I'm excited and nervous. I should be starting in January.

I'm sorry I got your hopes up about the adult slushies and then quit blogging altogether. I will hopefully have a cool recipe for adult fruit roll ups on Friday.

One of my kittens escaped and got herself pregnant. Epic fail on my part. I so know better, but was holding off because she still seemed so small and all my other cats were fixed so I didn't think she'd get pregnant. I didn't count on her sneaking outside like the rebellious teenager she is. The babies are adorable and I have most given away as soon as they are weaned.

I would love to say I will be blogging more frequently, but I really just don't know. I think this time I have bitten off more than I can chew and need to finish projects and get things settled here. 

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