How To Get On My Hate List

I dislike lots of people and I can hold a grudge for a hundred years. I hold a grudge against a couple of people that aren't even alive anymore. You know the saying Forgive and Forget? Well I am not Jesus and I don't have Alzheimer's so that aint happening.

Anyway, for the myriad of things I can hold a grudge for and put you on my hate list. There is one biggie. Aside from harming one of my kids (fur or human) and that is harming an animal. I live in a state with some of the worst animal right laws and that will not change because as much as I hate to say it. Lots of people here do not care. Its one of the reasons that I can't see myself living here the rest of my life.

So, Here is the story. My across the street neighbors rent (I assume although I don't know who owns the property) They look to be early 20's. They have two dogs a shepherd mix puppy maybe 6 months or so judging on size and another one a little smaller but not the size of my shih Tzu's or pom.
At first they would leave the dog outside and it would whine and bark. I may have mentioned here, I know I have on the podcast, but I live off  of the busiest road in the town. Our houses are right on the road. That's why I built a fence so my dogs could run and enjoy freedom and sunshine while being protected. They also have a fenced in back yard but I guess they have to go around the house to access it. I have mentioned on more than one occasion to them that we have a leash law and their dogs could be taken away if they don't keep them up. Well now they walk the dogs to the backyard. Every single time they come out of the house with the dogs not on a leash the dogs run into my yard barking and carrying on at us. They stop once they get up to us and we stick our hand out for them to smell.

Still not an ideal situation but at least I saw an improvement. Today (yesterday as you are reading this) Hannah came home from work and as she was driving up the road she saw the man outside punching and smacking the shepherd mix) Hannah being awesome, stopped her car between  our houses and got out asking him what the fuck he thought he was doing. He still beating his dog, said it was in their trash which was sitting on the curb not in a trash can. Hannah told him there is a difference between discipline and beating (the same argument I have with parenting human babies too) and that if she ever saw him beating the dog again she was going to beat him. He picked the dog up by its harness and threw it in the house.

Now we blew up the phones trying to find a way to get this baby out of that house before he has enough and either dies or bites someone and then is labeled a "bad or dangerous dog" What we learned was there is nothing that can be done. We could call the police but unless he is actively hitting it or its starved nothing will happen. We could call the shelter about it being off the leash but unless they catch it running lose probably nothing will happen. Also there is no guarantee that they could come right then anyway. This literally makes me insane. I am glad I wasn't outside because I would have probably jerked him off the dog and punched him. I think its the Irish in me. I think I am 10 feet tall. Honestly I am surprised Hannah didn't get physical.

What really pisses me off is basically the only thing we can do is video tape it and publically embarrass him.

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