An Update

My ex husband use to say as soon as I decided I was going to do something a certain way I immediately stopped doing it that way.

He was referring to organization and how I would clean out a closet or drawer ect...and then say, ok this is the new home for whatever. Then immediately I'd stop putting it there.

He's not wrong, and I know I do that. I really don't know why.

Day one of Make The Blog Okay Again.....Should I make hats that say that? Anyway, I wanted to give up after day 1. Or Rather day 1 on implementation. I have ideas and a to-do list.....Oh God the to-do list is daunting. I had to prod myself in the butt to keep going.

I have a new blog design. I don't know why but when I am feeling like I need to reinvent (or just invent) myself I always want to start with a new design. I still have some work to do on this, but its good enough for now.

I have started working on an editorial calendar. Like a real one. In the past I would think of topics and then never follow through. This time I came up with actual blog posts. I don't want to start out putting to much on my plate so expect something on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Tuesday and Thursday will be left open for an update or thrown together personal post.

I am really excited about sharing my first Adult Popsicle, Boozy Pop, Drunken Ice-Pops. Ok I have no idea what to call them. Suggestions welcome. I do know that making them was fun and enjoying them outside was even more fun. It made me wish I was floating on a raft in a pool.

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