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I use to love Myspace quizzes. I really miss them. I also really miss the top 8 spaces. How else are we suppose to show the world who are favorite people are? When Sam at Military Wife Pug Life shared the three things list I had to do it. Its the next best thing to Myspace quizzes.

Three Things I'd Never Give Up

My Girls that includes Hannah
My dogs
My cats

There were a few guys I've dated that were not crazy about the animals. Guess which one I chose?

Three Favorite Vegetables


I actually just kept this the same from Sam's post because Edamame is just awesome

Cherry Tomatoes (Yes I know that's not a picture of a cherry tomato. Oddly enough I hate regular tomatoes.

Corn on the Cob.

Three Shows I've Watched Faithfully To The End

How I Met Your Mother
Gilmore Girls (the Story about my life minus the rich parents)
Dawson's Creek
We can also add
Friday Night Lights (I need Tim Riggins in my life)

Three Places I Want To Visit In The USA

Boston- I'm totally visiting Sam this summer! I am so excited. I see Senior pictures all over Boston  in Abbey's future.

Chicago- So I can visit Steph

Portland/Seattle I know that's two places but they are close so I'm counting it as one.

Three Places I Want To Visit Outside The USA

Paris- I would actually brush up French (4 years worth) If I could go to Paris

England- I am convinced I'd make a great Princess.

Ireland- The motherland. I want to see where half my heritage came from.

Three Things That Are ALWAYS In My Car

Sunglasses : Not wearing sunglasses causes wrinkles. Eye wrinkles will age you fast.

A hairbrush : Last week I noticed I had 4 in my car.

ink pens. Usually about 20

Three Most Recent Calls Were To/From

No one. I never talk on the phone.

Three Most Often Used Makeup Products

I hate to admit this but I very rarely wear make up anymore.

Three Things That Make Me Laugh

The video of the kid with the sheet over his head being hit by a door.
Greg Warren. seriously my favorite comedian ever.
My kids I raised some super funny kids

Three Things That Make Me Cry
The thought of Abbey graduating this year and moving away to start her big girl life :(
13 Reasons Why on Netflix
Anytime I hear about animal abuse 

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