How To Lose A Date in 8 Easy Steps

I don't even know how to write an intro to this post. So I'll just jump right in. I feel like this meme

Why do I even bother mentioning potential dates at all. We all know how it will end. In case you also want to know here is How to lose a date in a few easy steps.
1. Pick someone who is completely and totally cynical.

2. Pick a date and time mention maybe getting food first  but be vague and then don't call or text the day leading up to that date and time to discuss the plans.

3. Text 7 hours before the plan to say you're looking forward to it and will text details later. (this doesn't seem bad, but your date has probably given up on the date at this point)

4. Text 3 hours before the date to say you are running late and there will be no food before but you'll meet them at the location.

5. Be late

 6. Make mean comments about the live performance you are watching.

7. Have cologne so strong you give her a migraine.

8. Make a snide comment about the decal on her car.

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