Do's and Don't of Staining a Fence

Last Summer I built a fence so the boys in my life (and Leia when she moved in) had a safe space to run and play.  I had heard that you shouldn't immediately stain or paint the wood after you build your fence or deck. I'm not really sure what the reason is. But I left it. I put up a privacy fence on the side of the house that faces the road when I first moved in, so traffic wasn't always looking in my backyard as they drove past. I stained that a few months after I put it up and it taught me a few things. One being that the project of staining the whole fence would take me forever if I have to use a brush and I didn't want that.

So I bought a sprayer for the project. I bought a Wagner. (For the record I really do like it) I thought that and the stain was all I needed. Boy was I wrong. So in order to keep others from going down the same misinformed path that I did. I am going to share my list of Do's and Don'ts.

Do Pick a shade of stain that you like. Also type. There is different types so you may want to research that as well. I bought an oil based wood stain, I also chose a really dark color.

Do gather the appropriate supplies. Don't assume one measly piece of paper towel will be enough.

Don't ignore the instructions. Especially the cleanup instructions.

Do Protect Your Work Surface Before You Open and Pour the Stain

Do tape off your house if you are using a sprayer. 

Don't assume you can get over spray off with soap and water.  Or even after using mineral spirits, graffiti remover, and a pressure washer.

Do Pull up the weeds poking through the fence. 

Did I already say  read the instructions?

So yeah, I still have brown stain residue on my house and I'm not sure how to fix it. Learn from my mistakes and be prepared. Also, the paint sprayer made the job go by so much quicker which left me time to clean the mess I created up.

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