Some News on the Cat Hair and Glitter Front

I come at you with some news, if the title didn't already give that away.

I was scrolling through facebook which I have a love/hate relationship with, and saw something that made me say WTF.

A friend of mine left his wife, his state job, and moved across the country to follow a tribute band and I believe drive for Uber.

This on the heels of two other friends getting divorced it is obviously the season for mid life crisises around here. Which leads me to some soul searching. Don't worry I am not quitting my job and I am not going to follow a tribute band, and I am pretty thankful I don't have to worry about a husband running off.

But I thought about this space, and how its evolved over the years. Can we just be honest and say 2016 was a crappy year and so far 2017 has not been much better? Yes, I think we can. I don't know what caused the decline of not just posting but quality, but it has steadily been getting worse around here. 2015 was actually pretty cool. I want to go back to 2015 or at least the feelings I had about blogging then.

This long weekend was great for my mind, body and spirit. I wrote down a bunch of topics, gave myself some direction, and am excited again. (Dear lord please don't let it disappear fast) I went back through old pinterest pins about blogging and marketing and I have a plan. I have goals. To be honest I suck at setting action plans to achieve goals, but we shall see how all of this will work out

Speaking of Pinterst I actually started on pinterest back when it was invitation only. But I never used it like bloggers are suppose to. It has always been my personal book mark. I never once thought about a "brand" or what image I am putting out. So one of the new goals is to focus on a Cat Hair and Glitter Pinterest business account, But more on that later.

Anyway, the point is expect more clear definition around here. A sneak peak what I have planned.....alcohol icepops. Starting this Friday. I absolutely can't wait to share it with you.


How To Lose A Date in 8 Easy Steps

I don't even know how to write an intro to this post. So I'll just jump right in. I feel like this meme

Why do I even bother mentioning potential dates at all. We all know how it will end. In case you also want to know here is How to lose a date in a few easy steps.
1. Pick someone who is completely and totally cynical.

2. Pick a date and time mention maybe getting food first  but be vague and then don't call or text the day leading up to that date and time to discuss the plans.

3. Text 7 hours before the plan to say you're looking forward to it and will text details later. (this doesn't seem bad, but your date has probably given up on the date at this point)

4. Text 3 hours before the date to say you are running late and there will be no food before but you'll meet them at the location.

5. Be late

 6. Make mean comments about the live performance you are watching.

7. Have cologne so strong you give her a migraine.

8. Make a snide comment about the decal on her car.


Do's and Don't of Staining a Fence

Last Summer I built a fence so the boys in my life (and Leia when she moved in) had a safe space to run and play.  I had heard that you shouldn't immediately stain or paint the wood after you build your fence or deck. I'm not really sure what the reason is. But I left it. I put up a privacy fence on the side of the house that faces the road when I first moved in, so traffic wasn't always looking in my backyard as they drove past. I stained that a few months after I put it up and it taught me a few things. One being that the project of staining the whole fence would take me forever if I have to use a brush and I didn't want that.

So I bought a sprayer for the project. I bought a Wagner. (For the record I really do like it) I thought that and the stain was all I needed. Boy was I wrong. So in order to keep others from going down the same misinformed path that I did. I am going to share my list of Do's and Don'ts.

Do Pick a shade of stain that you like. Also type. There is different types so you may want to research that as well. I bought an oil based wood stain, I also chose a really dark color.

Do gather the appropriate supplies. Don't assume one measly piece of paper towel will be enough.

Don't ignore the instructions. Especially the cleanup instructions.

Do Protect Your Work Surface Before You Open and Pour the Stain

Do tape off your house if you are using a sprayer. 

Don't assume you can get over spray off with soap and water.  Or even after using mineral spirits, graffiti remover, and a pressure washer.

Do Pull up the weeds poking through the fence. 

Did I already say  read the instructions?

So yeah, I still have brown stain residue on my house and I'm not sure how to fix it. Learn from my mistakes and be prepared. Also, the paint sprayer made the job go by so much quicker which left me time to clean the mess I created up.

Three Things

I use to love Myspace quizzes. I really miss them. I also really miss the top 8 spaces. How else are we suppose to show the world who are favorite people are? When Sam at Military Wife Pug Life shared the three things list I had to do it. Its the next best thing to Myspace quizzes.

Three Things I'd Never Give Up

My Girls that includes Hannah
My dogs
My cats

There were a few guys I've dated that were not crazy about the animals. Guess which one I chose?

Three Favorite Vegetables


I actually just kept this the same from Sam's post because Edamame is just awesome

Cherry Tomatoes (Yes I know that's not a picture of a cherry tomato. Oddly enough I hate regular tomatoes.

Corn on the Cob.

Three Shows I've Watched Faithfully To The End

How I Met Your Mother
Gilmore Girls (the Story about my life minus the rich parents)
Dawson's Creek
We can also add
Friday Night Lights (I need Tim Riggins in my life)

Three Places I Want To Visit In The USA

Boston- I'm totally visiting Sam this summer! I am so excited. I see Senior pictures all over Boston  in Abbey's future.

Chicago- So I can visit Steph

Portland/Seattle I know that's two places but they are close so I'm counting it as one.

Three Places I Want To Visit Outside The USA

Paris- I would actually brush up French (4 years worth) If I could go to Paris

England- I am convinced I'd make a great Princess.

Ireland- The motherland. I want to see where half my heritage came from.

Three Things That Are ALWAYS In My Car

Sunglasses : Not wearing sunglasses causes wrinkles. Eye wrinkles will age you fast.

A hairbrush : Last week I noticed I had 4 in my car.

ink pens. Usually about 20

Three Most Recent Calls Were To/From

No one. I never talk on the phone.

Three Most Often Used Makeup Products

I hate to admit this but I very rarely wear make up anymore.

Three Things That Make Me Laugh

The video of the kid with the sheet over his head being hit by a door.
Greg Warren. seriously my favorite comedian ever.
My kids I raised some super funny kids

Three Things That Make Me Cry
The thought of Abbey graduating this year and moving away to start her big girl life :(
13 Reasons Why on Netflix
Anytime I hear about animal abuse 


What I've Been Up To

Hi again.

I have notes of things I want to do here, I don't know why it doesn't seem to happen. Then I get down on myself for not making it happen. So let me catch you guys up on what's been happening in my real life since nothing has been going on here on the blog.

School is out today. I am so freakin' excited to see this school year end. It hasn't been to the level of Emmy's second grade year when she was bullied by her teacher and we discovered she was dyslexic. But nonetheless its been bad. In the last two months  I had to attempt to hold back my momma bear tendencies when the girls were both hurt over things that happened at school. Neither got the part they wanted in the musical and were relegated to the Nuns choir. They were the best damn Nuns I've ever seen. Then Abbey didn't get drum major after working her ass off for two years to get it. She full on sobbed the night she found out. It broke my heart. Oh of course she can "Still be the leader she wants to be" Which in my opinion is a big pot of bullshit. But I am trying to calm down. If I see her director the way I am feeling right now I believe I would have the same level of words that I had for Emmy's second grade teacher. So I am avoiding the situation until I am no longer livid. If you want the whole details I am happy to tell you I just don't want to fully air the dirty laundry. You can just email me or if you have my number text me. Or email me for my number. Its whatever. I'm sad I don't get the summer off, but at least I am school free until the end of July when band camp starts. I'm not going to lie. I tried to get her to quit, but she wouldn't.

I am talking to someone. We had lunch last week. It went well. So far he hasn't ran screaming into the night. we have a date next weekend. He is also a Star Wars fan, just sadly the Rebel Alliance. I know that alone may cause this not to work. Lord knows its crashed and burned for less than that, in the past. He said he is writing a sitcom based on my life. I said we already had Gilmore Girls :)

I started an Instagram for the blog. I've been using my personal one, but truthfully I don't want some of the people in my real life to be involved in my space here. Not that I say anything about them (usually) I just like having this all to myself. If you want to follow its cathairandglitter There isn't anything there right now, but I promise I'll share stuff if you come visit me. Unlike the Instagram for my etsy shop I forgot the login to.

I'm running a Murder Mystery 5k over memorial day. I am both looking forward to and dreading this.

I am thinking about buying an embroidery machine. I really have no idea why. My sister has one and would be more than happy to make stuff for me, but buying one has almost become an obsession. I have gone as far as putting it and all the supplies in my amazon cart. I moved it all to saved for later. But I thinking about this a lot. I keep telling myself when I make the money to buy it from my etsy shop I can buy it. I don't know how long I can keep telling myself that.

Hannah and I were in a car wreck. We weren't injured and really my car wasn't either especially when you consider that a truck hit a car and slung the car into another truck and then the car got pushed into me. Don't ask me how it happened. I was watching it and still have no idea. The bitch that caused the accident has State Farm which I would rather have all my toenails pulled out than deal with. Also turns out after her policy pays the totaled car and the truck with massive damage there may not be anything left for me. So I called my insurance co which I hated to do because when someone is sitting at a red light and another person is on her phone or has her head up her ass and doesn't pay attention to traffic, others shouldn't suffer. It should be easier to sue for property damage. I did call around and ask about that. It seemed like it would cost me more in the long run, but the justice would be satisfying.

lol can you tell how frustrated I have been lately?


The Best Chocolate Cake I've Ever Eaten!

Last week I made this post....This post you are about to read, I uploaded and waiting all week for someone to comment and no one did. I was really bummed and thought I had killed my blog by not posting enough. Then tonight I logged in again, ready to leave another post hoping that maybe someone would read it. That's when I noticed that I uploaded the post to the old site for the Podcast. Talk about a big whoopsie.

Last week I attempted to share a recipe. I haven't done that often because I am a terrible cook. Just ask the kids they will tell you I usually burn everything the first few times I make something new. But we are all bored of the same ole same ole around here so I have been actually making the recipes I have pinned. I know its a crazy idea.

I have been telling EVERYONE I know about this recipe because it   is really easy, and REALLY good. It tastes a lot like Arby's Molten Lava Cake minus the grit. Does it taste gritty at your Arby's? I am also going to make it in cup cake form for the End Of The Year band pic nic on Sunday.

You only need a few ingredients:
1 Cup of Oil
1 1/2 cup of water
Chocolate cake mix
Fudge Brownie Mix
4 eggs

Mix all of these together. You'll need a big bowl. I wanted to use my mini mixer but it was too small.

Now after its all mixed bake it at 350 in a bunt pan.

Let it cool for 5 min, flip onto a platter and start making the topping

boil 1 cup of heavy whipping cream
whisk in a bag of semi sweet chocolate when it is all mixed poor over the cake.

I had to switch to a whisk. It becomes that important once the chocolate melts.

Seriously it is the best cake I've ever eaten. If you try it let me know what you think.
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