Chasing the Easter Bunny

This weekend my ex husband was out of the state and he asked me to feed his bunnies. He has several different hutches. I agreed because I am nice and I love playing with the bunnies after I've fed them. When I pulled up to his house I realized I had left the door to one of the hutches open and he had a jail break. There were bunnies hopping all around his yard.

 Hannah, Abbey, and I chased them all down except for one. An all white one with pink eyes.

But don't worry we set the live trap with bunny food inside so she should come back home.
If I was a real blogger I could spin this story around to be some metaphor on life, but instead I started to take the pics with my phone because I never have my DSLR with me, and the battery died so I had to plug my phone into my car. I am so grateful that my phone charger is super long so I could take this while it was plugged in. Ha! What do you know there is my metaphor for life. I have been so scattered lately (not just with letting my phone die, and example. Abbey was singing at the final game of the girls high school basketball tournament and my phone didn't spring forward. We were almost too late for her to make it) that I feel like I am chasing the Easter Bunny.

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