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I had a training for work yesterday. It was a really fun eye opening training. Which isn't always the case so I was happy. But, I am sure I am now looked at like the crazy coworker.

See the training was on bias. At one part we looked at pictures of 4 individuals and had to say what was our reactions to the photos. One of the pictures was Ted Bundy when he was defending himself against murder. Taken briefly before he escaped and traveled to Florida. Where he killed the girls in the Chi Omega house and the young young.

I was super excited that I knew who it was. So after the others said what they thought, usually that he seemed charming and nice. One person said he had mean eyes. Finally I was hoping up and down in my seat so the training let me speak. I told all about his murders and how he was defending  and soon after the picture he jumped out of a second story window and fled to Florida where he committed his finals murders. I mentioned the connection to Anne Rule, how they worked together in a crisis call center, locked inside an old Victorian mansion together. That's how she became a true crime author she wrote about her relationship with him.

When I was done with my insane ramblings. The trainer said I was correct. everyone just kind of looked at me like I was weird. Then someone from the back asked if he had a personality disorder. I happily filled them in on that as well.

So since I am basically only posting once a week I thought I should ask this now :)

The girls and I are planning on a massive road trip this summer. A 36 hour one way trip. I never go anywhere because I am a homebody and hate spending money on experiences (I know I am odd) But Its somewhere we really want to go and see that Abbey graduates next year and her two top schools are super far from me. Why did I have to watch Gilmore Girls with her? She is wanting to abandon me for Yale. So since she is leaving me (sniff sniff.) I want to try to do things we've always wanted to do. So major road trip it is. Now here is the dilemma should I use my car which gets almost 40 mpg and takes flex fuel which is always cheaper than regular gas but will put 5 thousand miles on my car. Or should I rent a car. I price checked and found one for about 177 for the week but won't take flex fuel and may not have the gas mileage of my car? Which would you do?

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