Things I am Hating Right Now

To balance out yesterdays post about the things I am loving I'm going to share the things that are pissing me off. No none of it political. That could be a book.

Online Mean Girls. I belong to a bunch of crafting groups. This week someone made a post saying after all the hateful comments she received over a mug she made (for herself) that was misspelled she was giving up on her dream of selling  anything. She also added that she had dyslexia. Now I know its a good thing for someone to say "hey that's 'misspelled" but for 40+ people to say it over and over again and point out repeatedly that she'll never sale things with her attention to detail blah blah blah it gets annoying. Now I should add the cup was cute and the misspelling fit because it was a cup about day drinking. I think we need to go back to what southern mamas teach their kids. If you can't say something nice or constructive then don't say anything at all. I wrote her a nice note encouraging her. No way should she let others discourage her over something that insignificant. Hell just this evening I did a mock up of a shirt for someone. It was to say Blayden's #1 fan. I added an extra s. She noticed it said maybe just one s. We laughed and I took the extra s out.

Netflix Originals. Remember yesterday when I was saying how awesome Santa Clarita Diet is? Well it was awesome, and now I am left impatiently waiting for new season of that, Orange is the New Black, The Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt, and there may be another I am forgetting about.  Come on Netflix don't only give us 10 small episodes and then make us wait a year. I'll pay a few dollars extra for my Netflix if you give me more episodes.

Time Warner/Spectrum every since the change I have had issues with my connection and some channels have such a signal interference its unwatchable.

Our local Guitar Store Emmy is learning the guitar. She doesn't want to be a singer that just sings. She wants to be a "real musician" I bought her an electric guitar. You should see my hallway when I get it done. We will have three guitars hung up as you walk down the hall. It is so much better than bulky cases everywhere. Anyway. I took the guitar to get tuned and restrung. The cost of restringing it was more than the strings themselves. Like double. I agreed to pay it, but that is my last time. I will be learning how to do this myself or better yet Emmy will be learning how to do this herself.  She has really surprised me with how much she has picked up already. Ok I guess this one is a positive and a negative.

Internet Guy Did I mention the guy that started messaging me and at one point asked me why I was so closed off and detached and appear to hate men? This is also the guys that is super into Walking Dead. Well tonight he asked me what has made me so hard. Then preceded to say all of this. I assume the SPECA is is talking about is the ASPCA. I could be wrong but the connotation would be right. I went off. I told him I couldn't talk to him anymore that we just disagreed too much. This is why I need to open a rescue. Which knowing me will probably be more like a sanctuary. I also want abandoned pigs. Did you know that they get turned into the shelters once they get big and aren't cute little pink piglets anymore? People market them as teacup pigs but that doesn't mean they are going to be teacup dog size. I can't have pigs where I live. No swine in city limits (even though I know some posing as humans)  You wanna know why I am so "hard" Because there are humans that don't think animals have feelings or personalities. That they think what can they do for me.

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