Super Bowl Weekend: A post barely about the Super Bowl

Not to keep talking about food but I have something odd that is happening and I wanted opinions.

So the longer I am single the more out of touch I am with others. At times I think I am coming off as hostile. Ok who am I kidding its not juts me that thinks this. This was brought to my attention this weekend when a guy that has been messaging me (see I don't even know if this means we are talking? I think probably not) He asked how my day was. Well this was my day....

I had an issue with someone complaining about this shirt. She was accusing me of not donating to the cause and profiting off the plight of others. First of all I am Lakota, those fighting are family.  Second of all, the listing says I am donating what does she want a screen shot of the donation made? Third of all, Heather came up with the design and I just made it happen. To top it off she didn't even buy the shirt just wanting to complain. Fourth of all she was complaining on a fb group my sister belongs to and she had me blocked so I couldn't defend myself. Thankfully Heather and Hannah handled her. All of this drama came about because she told Heather (on their mutual group) that she was a botanist but Heather corrected her on asparagus. Yes this insanity was because she was trying to say she was a botanist but thought there was only one specie of asparagus. This embarrassed her and she went off. No clue why she chose me. I don't even care about asparagus. Although sugar snap peas is another story. I could eat them by the bucket load.

Same day. I dropped Emmy off at her friends house. They just moved here about 2 years ago from Russia. We had a little language barrier. It was kinda comical. Super sweet people though and Emmy had fun and their daughter is precious.

Also same day, I came home to see two girls having a lovers quarrel in the ditch beside my house. One was sitting in the ditch (basically in my yard) and the other was standing over her yelling, spitting, and waving her arms. Then spitter stomped off and ditch girl got up crying and ran after her. I really wanted to shout as I got out of my car to just let her go that spitting is nasty. 

 So I told him all of that and he asked if I was ok. I was confused and asked why I wouldn't be ok. Its not like I got spit on. Also every evening I get asked what we had for dinner. I have no idea why this question makes me feel like I am standing in front of the class unprepared with no pants on. I mean how hard is it to say, we all ate cereal with a side of ice cream?

Now add to this He was talking about The Walking Dead, which I have never been able to get into. I tried considering the creator is from Kentucky. Anyway, this conversation happened.

So people who are not socially awkward and may possibly spend super bowl with people instead of cute furbabies like this......Am I being insane? Or as he said defensive and closed off.
Also isn't my super bowl date a cutie? Sadly his owners love him and I didn't get to steal him.

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