A few things I am loving

There are so many things I am absolutely loving right now. I want to share because I want you to enjoy them too. 

Cards Against Humanity. Its tag call itself a party game for horrible people. I learned about it during my going away party with my old company. You can order it from Amazon and I highly recommend that you do. Its fun. Each deck has black cards that have a partial phrase and white cards that have possible words to feel in the phrases. Its your job to make the funniest phrase with the cards you draw.  I hate card games and I LOVE this one. I have all the expansion packs except the last one.

Santa Clarita Diet. I may have binged what this over the weekend. Its a Netflix original. Which you know is awesome because Netflix is fantastic that way. It has Drew Barrymore and Ricardo Antonio Chavira (Carlos from Desperate Housewives)

Fresh Bread. I bought bread machine and have made a loaf every day. I found a recipe that is just like a kings Hawaiian roll. Now if I could just learn how to slice bread for Abbey's lunch, I'll never have to buy bread again.

Podcast We have finally started to hit a stride. We are getting an episode out a week and I think the quality is improving with every episode. Today's episode is Lovers Lane Murders. We also decided we needed an Instagram account so when we have a picture that ties to our story we have a place to share it. You can find us at haunted_family_podcast. 

Weather I am usually complaining about the cold and snow but our entire winter has been like fall or spring. I think I have only had a coat on a handful of times. Today I actually had my windows open. I hope this doesn't mean that summer will be hot. Kentucky is so humid. I can't stand being sweaty and sticky.

Speaking of Kentucky a few crazy things are happening here so be prepared for an update post later this week.

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