Monday, January 23, 2017

Why Being called a Snowflake is NOT an Insult

Have you repeatedly seen the "insult" Snowflake? The girls hadn't until I showed them my fb feed that is so full of men calling unhappy people snowflakes that my only conclusion is that they must have heard it from someone in their media feed of choice. Every time I have heard it I got a little more sick to my stomach until I really couldn't take it anymore and just hit hide and delete depending on the severity.
 Why do people think its an insult? Do they all live in states that don't get snow? Because this is my take on a snowflake.

  • Snowflakes are freakin' beautiful. There is nothing like snow (when you don't have anywhere to be) Kentucky is the ugliest state during winter. All of our gorgeous trees are nothing more than bare sticks. As soon as it snows and everything is coated its a wonderland.
  • Snowflakes are unique which is way more than I can say for the unoriginal people calling others snowflakes.
  • When snowflakes stick together they can be a source of lots of fun. Have you ever been sledding, skiing, snow ball fights? Its awesome!
  • When lots of snowflakes get together they can cause massive destruction. Hello! Have you ever heard of an avalanche? Hazardous road conditions? Thankfully I don't have to get out in the snow very often. Do you know that shoveling snow can cause a heart attack? Not to mention property damage. Just ask my poor gutters from a few winters ago. 
  • When snow has stuck together and finally the heat is turned up and it starts to melt it has the last laugh again by causing flooding
I'm sure they mean well but that insult is as week as they think the snowflakes are.   What I am saying is yes snow flakes are light and fluffy and don't look like much but you do not want to underestimate what they can accomplish. So here is to all the other "snowflakes" embrace your beauty, your uniqueness, and remember when you stick together great things happen.

Another rant for another time is how it is assumed that if you are against he who must not be named that you must be a liberal, or that everyone against him must be fans of Hillary. I am neither and yet I am absolutely against him.

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