Whole 30 the start of something that terrifies me

Do you remember my 2017 goals? I know they were so long ago. Well. I spent two days drinking (to me) a ton of water. What I discovered was I am really un healthy with my diet. The 4 days straight struggling to wake up, feeling hungover with a killer head ache even though I haven't drank anything was also a give away.

I never drank water instead I existed solely on Dr. Pepper, massive amounts of Dr. Pepper. Starting the water made me feel some better. Just enough to realize how bad I had been feeling. I am also pretty sure I have been chronically dehydrated. I am tired of feeling sluggish. I can't remember how long I've felt that way because it has become normal to me.

I decided I needed a big change. Something more strict than just water and Pilates. So today I'm starting the while 30 diet. The short of it is, no added sugar (real or artificial), no alcohol, no grains, no legumes, exceptions to this is green beans, snow peas, and sugar peas. I can have no dairy, No MSG, sulfides, no recreated treats using approved ingredients. hey mentioned no pancakes about a million times.

Not gonna lie the thought of no Dr. Pepper makes me anxious. Just thinking about it make me want to crawl out of my skin. Which to me is all the more reason to do it. I'm tired of feeling like crap because I eat junk. My goal is to feel better, but if this is my stomach at the end then it is a win/win.

I'm a creature of habit and I despise cooking so this probably won't become a place where I share wonderful recipes of healthy foods. My plan is to stick to basics so probably lots of omelettes for breakfast. Lunch and dinners will probably be meats with salads (no dressing) and veggies. Don't I make it sound exciting? I have never looked forward to anything less in my life. But I am hoping at the end it is worth it. I plan on sharing updates. Mostly on how I am handling it and if I stumble across food that is quick easy I can't weigh myself until the end so there won't be a pounds lost count. The scale actually hasn't changed any, its just mostly how I feel. 

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