If I Made the Laws

Today is inauguration day No this post isn't going to be talking politics. At least not as they are now.
I have never wanted to be in politics. I don't have the personality for it. But seeing two posts yesterday of two different dogs that had their ears and nose cut off by some truly horrible people, makes me want to run for office.

I don't know where the abuse took place. I was afraid to actually read the entire article. The pictures of those sweet babies broke my heart. I do know that Kentucky has some of the shittiest animal abuse laws. Basically we don't care what you do. This is a state where lots and lots of people still thinking chicken fighting is fun and that the animals don't feel anything. I had a pet chicken growing up and I'll tell you they do feel stuff. If I lived outside of city limits I would absolutely have a pet pig and cow too.

So if today was my inauguration day I would make it my priority to toughen laws on animal abuse. I want to live in a world where I don't see things like that because its just not happening.

I want the shelters to be empty because people are spaying and neutering their animals and they all have nice warm homes. I want to live in a world where people who harm animals are severely punished......Like tortured kind of punished. That's actually too good for them but its a good place to start. Don't these people know that dogs give the best nose kisses.

Max and Westley approve this message.....Leia does too but she won't stop chewing on underwear long enough to give me a formal endorsement.

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