Blog Reader Apps And Finding The Right One

This post is part confession, part plea for recommendations, but mostly a rant. One of my year goals is to comment more. There are a few factors that have been holding me back.

  • People aren't posting as often as they use to
  • I don't know when new posts happen because I never remember to follow blogs I like on facebook, twitter. I do follow some on instagram and its been a godsend. But even at that, there are days I skip instagram all together. 
  • This biggie and reason you are listening to me moan today. I am not a fan of any of the blog readers I've tried.
Here is what I've tried with my complaints.

Google Friend Connect. This was my go to for so long because I would open blogger to type a new post and read what everyone else was up to at the same time. It was great. The drawback was that not everyone had this and those that didn't I would have to just try to remember the url and visit it on my own. Lately it seems not many people us this.

Bloglovin I don't know why but I have never really like anything about this. I don't know why, its seems fine, I've just never liked it. More people do use this so that is a positive.

Feedly. This has been my go to lately just because I feel forced. I like that I can follow people using this even if they don't have link or anything to it. My dislikes its if I am on my  phone, and 99% of the time I am on my phone. If I want to comment it opens the blog up in a whole new tab so it adds a step and I can't comment on blogs with Discus on my phone. It never lets me login. It will buffer until I get mad and throw my phone. So that means I have to try to remember to comment when I go home. We all know that never happens.

So what do you use? Am I missing something wonderful about Bloglovin' or Feedly? Is there something better out there that I haven't found yet? 

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