If I Made the Laws

Today is inauguration day No this post isn't going to be talking politics. At least not as they are now.
I have never wanted to be in politics. I don't have the personality for it. But seeing two posts yesterday of two different dogs that had their ears and nose cut off by some truly horrible people, makes me want to run for office.

I don't know where the abuse took place. I was afraid to actually read the entire article. The pictures of those sweet babies broke my heart. I do know that Kentucky has some of the shittiest animal abuse laws. Basically we don't care what you do. This is a state where lots and lots of people still thinking chicken fighting is fun and that the animals don't feel anything. I had a pet chicken growing up and I'll tell you they do feel stuff. If I lived outside of city limits I would absolutely have a pet pig and cow too.

So if today was my inauguration day I would make it my priority to toughen laws on animal abuse. I want to live in a world where I don't see things like that because its just not happening.

I want the shelters to be empty because people are spaying and neutering their animals and they all have nice warm homes. I want to live in a world where people who harm animals are severely punished......Like tortured kind of punished. That's actually too good for them but its a good place to start. Don't these people know that dogs give the best nose kisses.

Max and Westley approve this message.....Leia does too but she won't stop chewing on underwear long enough to give me a formal endorsement.

Blog Reader Apps And Finding The Right One

This post is part confession, part plea for recommendations, but mostly a rant. One of my year goals is to comment more. There are a few factors that have been holding me back.

  • People aren't posting as often as they use to
  • I don't know when new posts happen because I never remember to follow blogs I like on facebook, twitter. I do follow some on instagram and its been a godsend. But even at that, there are days I skip instagram all together. 
  • This biggie and reason you are listening to me moan today. I am not a fan of any of the blog readers I've tried.
Here is what I've tried with my complaints.

Google Friend Connect. This was my go to for so long because I would open blogger to type a new post and read what everyone else was up to at the same time. It was great. The drawback was that not everyone had this and those that didn't I would have to just try to remember the url and visit it on my own. Lately it seems not many people us this.

Bloglovin I don't know why but I have never really like anything about this. I don't know why, its seems fine, I've just never liked it. More people do use this so that is a positive.

Feedly. This has been my go to lately just because I feel forced. I like that I can follow people using this even if they don't have link or anything to it. My dislikes its if I am on my  phone, and 99% of the time I am on my phone. If I want to comment it opens the blog up in a whole new tab so it adds a step and I can't comment on blogs with Discus on my phone. It never lets me login. It will buffer until I get mad and throw my phone. So that means I have to try to remember to comment when I go home. We all know that never happens.

So what do you use? Am I missing something wonderful about Bloglovin' or Feedly? Is there something better out there that I haven't found yet? 

A set back

I wanted to give a quick update on how the whole 30 diet is going. I've done really well until this
 evening. Here's the story. The girls got use to Christmas break followed by three days of school we all could barely keep our eyes open for followed by two snow days. To say we are not in a sleep routine is an under statement. So last night I went to sleep with Abbey and Hannah still awake. I woke up to the smell of cake at about 1:30. They stayed up and made a chocolate cake. I told them to go to bed and they listened. Leaving the cake in the cooled off oven to be safe.

All day today I could not stop thinking about that cake especially while I enjoyed my boiled egg. Why isn't healthy food easier to eat and drive with? I am Thankful I was working on the road today so I didn't have to smell it too.

I got home and was prepared to be hungry having been driving all day. I put a roast in the crock pot and only had to worry about sides. It was a particularly busy evening with Emmy having auditions for the Sound of Music and Abbey needing  to be ran back to school so she could play in the pep band. It was between those trips to the school that I noticed Abbey eating the cake.

This is where the story takes a nosedive. I reached down and grabbed a fist full of chocolate cake. No plate. No fork, just me and a fist full of cake. I know what you are thinking classic diet pitfall. Except I don't really like cake or chocolate. I can count on my fingers how many times I eat either in an entire year. Yet there I stood licking delicious chocolate frosting off my fingers and wishing I had a dr pepper to wash it down with.

Thankfully I had no dr pepper and I recovered and at carrots and fresh green beans and snow peas along with my roast. I don't know if the challenge is too hard or if I just had a momentary lapse of sanity. Either way. I believe the transgression is behind me and I can move forward without cake on my hands.


Whole 30 the start of something that terrifies me

Do you remember my 2017 goals? I know they were so long ago. Well. I spent two days drinking (to me) a ton of water. What I discovered was I am really un healthy with my diet. The 4 days straight struggling to wake up, feeling hungover with a killer head ache even though I haven't drank anything was also a give away.

I never drank water instead I existed solely on Dr. Pepper, massive amounts of Dr. Pepper. Starting the water made me feel some better. Just enough to realize how bad I had been feeling. I am also pretty sure I have been chronically dehydrated. I am tired of feeling sluggish. I can't remember how long I've felt that way because it has become normal to me.

I decided I needed a big change. Something more strict than just water and Pilates. So today I'm starting the while 30 diet. The short of it is, no added sugar (real or artificial), no alcohol, no grains, no legumes, exceptions to this is green beans, snow peas, and sugar peas. I can have no dairy, No MSG, sulfides, no recreated treats using approved ingredients. hey mentioned no pancakes about a million times.

Not gonna lie the thought of no Dr. Pepper makes me anxious. Just thinking about it make me want to crawl out of my skin. Which to me is all the more reason to do it. I'm tired of feeling like crap because I eat junk. My goal is to feel better, but if this is my stomach at the end then it is a win/win.

I'm a creature of habit and I despise cooking so this probably won't become a place where I share wonderful recipes of healthy foods. My plan is to stick to basics so probably lots of omelettes for breakfast. Lunch and dinners will probably be meats with salads (no dressing) and veggies. Don't I make it sound exciting? I have never looked forward to anything less in my life. But I am hoping at the end it is worth it. I plan on sharing updates. Mostly on how I am handling it and if I stumble across food that is quick easy I can't weigh myself until the end so there won't be a pounds lost count. The scale actually hasn't changed any, its just mostly how I feel. 

Hello 2017

Hello 2017! I had such big plans for the last 2 weeks. I was going to get my house organized, make the kids clean their rooms, organize my work from home space, plan out and write a bunch of blog posts, and work on my etsy shop. What I did instead was 2 million loads of laundry, which you can't tell happened, washed 3 million loads of dishes, which you can slightly tell happened. I (Hannah) replaced my kitchen faucet and my bathroom faucet. We do have podcast topics planned out for the next several months but we have none recorded so there is that.

Today I start my new job, my work space is still a mess. My house hasn't recovered from having company and kids home for 2 weeks. I remembered last night that I was suppose to make gifts for 7 of Abbey's closest friends. It didn't happen. Today the girls go back to school, I have a band booster meeting and they both have rehearsals for the musical all of this happens at different times. Including their audition times.

I love the start of the new year. Its like I get a do over on all the things I didn't accomplish last year. I love how even  though last year was just a couple of days ago, I get that symbolic new beginning. So with that. I am sharing my goals. I don't really like the words resolution I don't know why, I just never seem to accomplish anything when I call it a resolution.

1. To set goals. Last year I didn't set goals for myself like I have in the past and I could tell, even with work I felt like I was flying by the seat of my pants. I hate that feeling. I like having a plan. So the plan is to have this year long plan and also seasonal and monthly goals.

2. Continue to grow my etsy shop. I feel like the growth has been just right. I haven't been overwhelmed with orders and that makes me happy. But I want to step up my orders and be prepared to still offer good customer service. I'm not sure what this looks like, but I feel like I will know it when I see it.

3. Grow the podcast. We have the topics planned, We have so much room for growth in the production quality, we struggle so hard with recording. Sometimes we record and the files lock up, or are soundless, or just not there. I want to move past that. I also want to grow in followers. I really have no idea how to do that. This area is completely new to me.

4. Post more often. I hope to be posting 3 times a week.

5. Read/comment more. I binge read at the moment.

6. Wear makeup more often. I don't know how I got into the habit of never wearing makeup and wearing my hair in a bun/ponytail all the time but I have. I really want to stop this.

7. Drink more water. Since I currently drink none I have so much room to improve.

8. De-clutter. I don't think I can ever truly be a minimalist although I am loving the tiny house shows and think that would be awesome once the girls have moved out. So scaling down is something I really want to do.

9. Get back into Pilates or some other form of exercise. I've woken up everyday for the last week with a headache. I feel sluggish and general unhealthy. The scale says I haven't really gained any so its just a lack of movement (I think)

10. Not spend New Years Eve alone.
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