House Hunting

I'm house hunting again. I swore when I bought my house 3 years ago that I wasn't moving again. I'm gaining a new husband in 197 days (but whose counting) that means I need space. When I bought my house it was me and my two girls. The size was fine for us. Then Hannah moved in and that girl brought a lot of stuff with her (and two cute dogs) I had to find room for guitars, amps and so many clothes that their room looks like it is going to burst.

Those were also the days before I started my etsy shop. My supplies have taken over my room and part of the living room. Basically unless I do a massive decluttering there just isn't room for another person in this house. Not to mention one that will have 3 kiddos visiting during breaks and holidays.

I never stopped looking at Zillow even after I bought my house so I had an idea what was available before we officially started looking. At first I had my heart set on a fixer upper. 5 bedrooms, a partially finished basement. I had visions of fixing it up and chronicling it on the blog. Then I came to my senses. Even without a large home renovation I don't have time to come here and write. Also it needed a lot of work. The basement stairs are a nightmare and would need to be replaced, flooring is needed in the family room, and it has no garage door. The kitchen is lacking upper cabinets and only has two usable bottom cabinets. The hard wood floors are original but are in rough shape so it would need to be refinished. That's not even talking about the holes in the walls and atrocious paint colors. Plus we'd need to fence in an area for the dogs. But that is the easiest project since I've already done that before.

Since then, we have looked at a 4 bedroom completely move in ready. I wouldn't even need to paint unless I just really wanted to.  It also needs a space for the dogs but it has a gorgeous deck and a huge picture window. It sits far enough off the road that the view is great. The downside to this is it has an RECC for electric. I swore I would never buy another house that has a Rural Electric Co-Op Corporation. That sounds like it would be a good thing doesn't it? A Rural Co-Co? In my experience the electric is way more, and they aren't as good about service. Power goes out and doesn't get back on quickly.  The last time I had it, the power went off every single time we had a heavy storm. It is also at the top of what I want to pay, and has carpet downstairs. Its a split level so really the dogs don't need to be downstairs but try telling a cat what they can and can't do lol. It just means lots of vacuuming. But it has tons of storage space and a work shop. Its basically perfect.

Then we saw one in downtown. I am in downtown and I love it. Its not for everyone, but I love being able to walk places. The downside to my house is Its on a super busy road and I'm beside Penn Station so there are many days I get out of the car and then NEED a Philly Cheese Steak. The downtown house is up a side road. I'd be closer to campus. Not that it matters because Abbey has decided on her college and it is not the one here. The road is pretty narrow there is a sign at the entrance of the road that says no big trucks. You cross a bridge to get to the driveway. A bridge that has no barriers on the side. Its also a shared driveway. I've never had one of those but I worry about how that would work. Inside though the house is great. It has a completely fenced in backyard with two storage buildings and is private. It also has a climate controlled sun room. It doesn't seem to have any major issues but according to zillow it is on the market for less than it sold for last. Who sales a house for less than they paid?

Then we saw a house that belonged to the cutest older couple. They have moved to Versailles (Kentucky not France) Also pronounced Ver-sales and not Ver-sigh. Our agent thought they were completely out but when we showed up they were there packing the last of their things. OMG they were precious. They let us look around. It would need some work mostly painting and a fence for the dogs. It has a small library complete with built in book shelves and a fire place. I want to turn that into the etsy workshop and studio for recording the current podcast (true crime, paranormal, and unsolved mysteries) and the new podcast Ernie and I are starting next year. Its about college football, I'll probably throw in some NFL too. This house had the smallest yard and pulling out onto the main road is sometimes a problem here. But the street is really quiet. It also has a sun room but I am not sure if it has heat or air going to it. It also has RECC electric. Its also the cheapest of all the houses.

All of the houses are within a mile of where I am now. I've made a pro-con list for each. I just really can't decide. We are all in agreement that the one at the top of our budget is the best, but I just can't get past the price tag. After that we are at a loss. I don't know if we should keep considering the fixer upper.

Endings and Beginings

You may have already heard the news if you follow my podcast on instagram, but my dad passed away two weeks ago. Its been hard to get back into the swing of things. Heather (my sister) helped me clear out his place and arrange for his cremation. I couldn't imagine trying to get everything done in the 3 days of bereavement if his estate was bigger.

I can't brag enough on how sweet Ernie was during all of this. He had just gone to bed when I called to tell him. He stayed up with me all night and then drove straight to my house after work so he could be with me when I visited the funeral home. The lady we dealt with at the funeral home reminded me of Emily Gilmore (Gilmore Girls) Mother In Law. When he went home a few days later, Abbey had stuck a note inside his suitcase telling him if he was wondering how he could ask permission to marry me with dad gone, that they (Abbey and Emmy) give it to him.

Well that set in motion a surprise engagement. He came back later that week and conspired with the kids to get me on Lockegee. I have mentioned this rock before that you hike to the rock and then climb straight up. It was right at sunset and absolutely gorgeous. He got down on one knee and told me that he has loved me since we were 16 and would love it if I would marry him.


It was the sweetest thing I have ever experienced. We are thinking memorial day weekend for the wedding.


A Quick Update

Hi. Did you guys miss me these last three months? I pretty much just fell off the face of the earth social media wise. I haven't read a blog in ages. I haven't even kept up with GOMI. I have randomly posted on instagram. So you at least know I bought Cat Shoes. Other than that, Its been a crazy summer.

I traveled to the North East and fell in love. I always felt like I was in the wrong state. How can I be the only person here that loves anything and everything over basketball? Not to mention horses scare me. But the east coast called me like no other place has. I really need to find a way to move there ASAP. Especially Connecticut. I can't explain it but that place feels like home. Salem Mass was awesome and I need to go back soon.

If you follow me on instagram (hollysgrass for personal and cathairandglitter for the very neglected blog) You may have noticed I am still with the guy I dated in high school. I was really thinking this blog was a curse because every time I share a relationship we break up soon after. This nearly happened. But we worked through the issue and all is well. We have watched a lot of football. the first weekend we went to a football game at his old high school. It was fun if not a little weird. The last time I had been at that school, I was at a band competition and  returning his jersey and other stuff I had of his. We can't remember who it was that I gave the stuff to, but he must have gotten it back.

I've been working on the etsy shop. It keeps improving which is awesome to see it grow. I listed a bunch of new things last week, and have more to list soon. If there is something you want but don't see let me know. I can probably make it.

Marching Band Season has begun which means no life until November. We are currently trying to get all the props painted and ready. I really don't know what I will do with myself when its over and I have free time.

Oh wait yes I do. I finally applied to get my Masters degree. I had been on the fence for so long about what to get it in. I finally decided on communication. Which most of my day job has switched to anyway, and it will also (hopefully) help with this space and the podcast. I'm excited and nervous. I should be starting in January.

I'm sorry I got your hopes up about the adult slushies and then quit blogging altogether. I will hopefully have a cool recipe for adult fruit roll ups on Friday.

One of my kittens escaped and got herself pregnant. Epic fail on my part. I so know better, but was holding off because she still seemed so small and all my other cats were fixed so I didn't think she'd get pregnant. I didn't count on her sneaking outside like the rebellious teenager she is. The babies are adorable and I have most given away as soon as they are weaned.

I would love to say I will be blogging more frequently, but I really just don't know. I think this time I have bitten off more than I can chew and need to finish projects and get things settled here. 

Let's Try This Again

Sorry I've been MIA this week and sorry there is no boozy popsicle today. I've had a pretty intense week.

Today I am going to tell you a story.

Picture it Kentucky 1993. I was 16. My next door neighbor who was a few years younger than me visited a friends 2-2/12 hours away. While there she met a boy who was walking home from the ball field with some friends. They hung out that evening and she came home with a picture and an address.

She showed me when she got back. I told her he was really cute so she gave me the picture. So I did  the most logical thing and sent him a swim suit picture. In my defense I was a swimmer so I was in a swim suit 6 days a week all year long. Also in my defense I wanted him to write back. He did, and we wrote back and forth for several months. Gotta love life before technology. So about April something I asked if he wanted to go to my prom. He said yes and was bringing a friend for my friend Chrystal. I met him at a mall an hour and a half from my house so we could meet face to face and work out the details. I thought he was so cute, and had the prettiest eyes I had ever seen.

This is us, at 16.

We dated a few more months and then the logistics of being over 2 hours away from each other at a time that there was no email, unlimited text and call ect...took its toll and he broke up with me. I was crushed. Fast forward two years.

I was a sophomore at Morehead and he was an incoming Freshmen. The first day we were back at school, I ran into a guy I had gone to high school with lets call him Heath (cause that's his name) we started talking, then went on a date two days later. That was kinda it, we were joined at the hip from then on (At least for the next two years) Meanwhile guy I had gone to prom with was now a student at Morehead also. He looked me up about a week after I started dating Heath. I went to his room and sat on his bed and told him I had a boyfriend. I got up and left and didn't see him again.

So in January my job changed. The job duties are the same but my region is now different. Now my region includes the town I knew he had lived in. Several weeks ago Abbey went with me to visit some places for work (Her school Career Pathway is my Career) while we were driving we passed the sign for his town. I mentioned that he lived there.  Around the same time, his son was going to prom and he mentioned me to his son.

About 2 weeks ago I got a friend request from him. I accepted and we just quickly caught up with what we have been doing. He has a son 12 days younger than Abbey and a daughter 3 months older than Emmy and another daughter a couple years younger than Em. We've both been divorced a couple of times. He joined the Air Force a year or so after I told him I had a boyfriend which partially explains why I never saw him again. I can't help but find it so funny that we got together because of a letter and he now works for the post office.
We met for lunch when I was in his area this week. He was the same guy I remembered. Its going well and I am cautiously optimistic. But writing about it on this blog always seems to be a curse so fingers crossed that it ends well.


Fuzzy Navel Slushie

This drink and I go way back. To like high school. A friend of the family got married. It was an open bar, no I didn't get to enjoy the open bar. The bride however had several of these and was pretty darn tipsy when we left. I thought her drink looked cool. I forgot about it.

Flash forward to a few years ago and I was at a several day long meeting. After an extremely long day several of my coworkers and I went out to eat. The girl beside me ordered a fuzzy navel. I remembered the bride from my past and ordered one for my self. It was kinda love at first taste. Its the perfect combination of everything, if you like orange juice you will most definitely love this.

I have a friend that owns a bar and I kill him with these. Its pretty much all I ever have him make me. The slushie version is just as good as the drink. We have had rain all week long so now outdoor popsicle time for me. On the bright side if you stick it in a glass you can enjoy it inside while binging your favorite Netflix show. If you need suggestions Steph has some. You can find her at Not Entirely Perfect 
 So. I bet you're wondering how to make this? Its really easy.
1 part Vodka
1 part Peach Snapps
4 parts Orange Juice
Give it a stir and stick in in the freezer until its a slushie.

I think its a good brunch drink too, the OJ makes it a breakfast drink, right?


How To Get On My Hate List

I dislike lots of people and I can hold a grudge for a hundred years. I hold a grudge against a couple of people that aren't even alive anymore. You know the saying Forgive and Forget? Well I am not Jesus and I don't have Alzheimer's so that aint happening.

Anyway, for the myriad of things I can hold a grudge for and put you on my hate list. There is one biggie. Aside from harming one of my kids (fur or human) and that is harming an animal. I live in a state with some of the worst animal right laws and that will not change because as much as I hate to say it. Lots of people here do not care. Its one of the reasons that I can't see myself living here the rest of my life.

So, Here is the story. My across the street neighbors rent (I assume although I don't know who owns the property) They look to be early 20's. They have two dogs a shepherd mix puppy maybe 6 months or so judging on size and another one a little smaller but not the size of my shih Tzu's or pom.
At first they would leave the dog outside and it would whine and bark. I may have mentioned here, I know I have on the podcast, but I live off  of the busiest road in the town. Our houses are right on the road. That's why I built a fence so my dogs could run and enjoy freedom and sunshine while being protected. They also have a fenced in back yard but I guess they have to go around the house to access it. I have mentioned on more than one occasion to them that we have a leash law and their dogs could be taken away if they don't keep them up. Well now they walk the dogs to the backyard. Every single time they come out of the house with the dogs not on a leash the dogs run into my yard barking and carrying on at us. They stop once they get up to us and we stick our hand out for them to smell.

Still not an ideal situation but at least I saw an improvement. Today (yesterday as you are reading this) Hannah came home from work and as she was driving up the road she saw the man outside punching and smacking the shepherd mix) Hannah being awesome, stopped her car between  our houses and got out asking him what the fuck he thought he was doing. He still beating his dog, said it was in their trash which was sitting on the curb not in a trash can. Hannah told him there is a difference between discipline and beating (the same argument I have with parenting human babies too) and that if she ever saw him beating the dog again she was going to beat him. He picked the dog up by its harness and threw it in the house.

Now we blew up the phones trying to find a way to get this baby out of that house before he has enough and either dies or bites someone and then is labeled a "bad or dangerous dog" What we learned was there is nothing that can be done. We could call the police but unless he is actively hitting it or its starved nothing will happen. We could call the shelter about it being off the leash but unless they catch it running lose probably nothing will happen. Also there is no guarantee that they could come right then anyway. This literally makes me insane. I am glad I wasn't outside because I would have probably jerked him off the dog and punched him. I think its the Irish in me. I think I am 10 feet tall. Honestly I am surprised Hannah didn't get physical.

What really pisses me off is basically the only thing we can do is video tape it and publically embarrass him.


Unicorn Slushee and Pride Popsicle

Before I jump into the really delicious recipe I wanted to tell you some exciting news. Etsy finally approved my name change. I have tried to get them to change it to a version of what it was and my reasoning was not good enough.  Then I had the idea to make it pair with the blog, CatHairandGlitter was taken. But CatHairGlitter was not and they approved it. Abbey still says no one will want to buy something that comes with a sprinkling of cat hair but I think they may. Now I can work on on a banner.

Ok now for this weeks popsicle. Since its Pride Month, I wanted to do something to reflect that. Plus I'll tell you how to do an alcohol free one, for the kids. We can do this the easy way.....or the hard way.

Jumping on the unicorn bandwagon, here is my take on it. You will need Just a few ingredients.

Put the Jolly Ranchers (about 8-12) and as much Vodka as you want to use (and of course you can use any brand you want) into a container to dissolve. Overnight did it for me. Then add Sprite. Now the easy way is you add a flavor to a glass or popsicle bag. The hard way is you stick the containers in the freezer and then add them in layers when they are slush and then add them back to the freezer to freeze.

Edited to add: You can use any sweet candy like skittles or starburst but you will have to filter off the waxy coating. With the Jolly Rancher you don't have to filter anything its ready to mix and freeze as soon as you dissolve it.
I used Grape, Watermelon, Green apple, and Blue Raspberry. Sorry Cherry, you were just too close in color to Watermelon.

Pride popsicle is done the same way, only it is a popsicle instead of a slushee.

Now lets say you are REALLY short on time and don't want to dissolve Jolly Ranchers. You can substitute Jolly Rancher Popsicles. To make it alcohol free just dissolve the jolly rancher in the sprite and enjoy.
I can't get over how perfectly sweet this is. You almost don't even realize there is Vodka in it. I don't even have words for how yummy this is. Even all mixed up in the glass its awesome.

How To Make An Aspirin Mask

One of the things the girls and I love to do is face masks. When they were  little it was a "girls night in" thing we did. We did facials painted out nails and  watched a movie. As they got older it became something we did to keep our pores clean,. On days that we were feeling particular clogged we added aspirin to the mask.

Now a true DIY Aspirin Mask would consist of crushing the aspirin and adding it to yogurt or honey, or even a mixture of the two. We take the lazy way out and mix it with a packaged face mask. It gives the mask a little extra kick. It is so good at unclogging pored, reducing redness, and softening the skin.

Even though it calms the surface of the skin, I do not recommend this if you have an allergy to aspirin.

Its super easy to make. Just take 4-5 aspirins and crush it up, A spoon works great for this. then mix in the mask, another good use for the crushing spoon. Then put the mask on. We like to use a foundation brush to get a good even coverage.

Let me know if you try it with honey and yogurt. I would love to know how well that version works.


How to Add Personalization To Your Yard

It's finally stopped raining here. I was starting to think the guy who built the ark encounter a few hours up the road wasn't as crazy as I thought he was.

When we aren't having monsoon like weather we are outside. This is a drastic change from years past when we never left the house.

I am basing the difference this year on the fact that we've added personalization to our space. It only took 2 (almost 3) years. When we lived with Greg (for those that don't know, he is an ex we were together almost 6 years before we called it quits) he had a corn hole game and he liked to be outside doing that. I am not super athletic. I use to be on a swim team and love to swim, but you don't sweat while swimming. I knew that adding yard games was not going to be what got us outside. Even if I did try to tell myself it would be fun when company came over.

What I did instead was think about the things we like to do and build on that. So I bought a swing (sadly no porch swing) The dogs think this is just for them and demand to be swung everyday.

We added the hot tub which is small enough to fit on my patio and since it is a blow up one, its like a bubbly pool when it gets super hot. If that's what we want.

We also added a grill and taught ourselves how to use it. Hannah is the master of this though, and truthfully we need to upgrade to a bigger size.

To cap off the days we have a fire  pit. I love sitting around the fire at night, its so relaxing.

But what give all of this a personalized touch is the items that we've customized.

Back in early November I was shopping the Halloween candy sales and came across Star Wars trick or treat buckets. I bought several even though I had no idea what I was going to do with them.

When Spring finally got here I needed some hanging baskets and it hit me that I had these Halloween buckets. I drilled drainage holes in  the buckets and planted flowers inside. There is something awesome about a Sith Lord with pretty flowers coming out of his head.

My front stoop had two Milk Churns that I added a monogram of our last names on. I had moved them with me through several moves and was just feeling like I needed something else. I found these metal buckets at a store called 5 Below. There were solid white so I taped them off and painted the pink line around them and added pink vinyl for our house number and last names. I am actually surprised that I have been able to keep any of these flowers alive.
 Yes Painting the front stoop is on my to-do list. I think its remnants of 5 different colors.

Don't be afraid to change the color of something or add to it, spray paint is cheap and comes in tons of colors. Also, re-purposing from other holidays is always fun.


How to Make Adult Popsicles

I have been really excited about writing this post. It hit me over Memorial Day weekend. We were outside all day long and the kids were eating freezer pops and I wanted one, only I also wanted the drink I was drinking. That's when I got the bright idea to mix the two.

These are super fun to make! I even made non-alcoholic versions for the kids, which allowed me to test out two different DIY Ice Pop containers we had previously bought. The first are shaped like you would imagine an ice cream bar to be shaped. They are really super cute. The second are little zip lock bags that are shaped like ice pops. They are the perfect shape and size.

So I am just going to go ahead and tell you how these turned out before I tell you the recipe I used. They are strong, definitely-booze-filled popsicles. That means they didn't freeze completely. Which means the cute little red lidded, ice cream looking mold did not work. Although I was not one to turn my back on semi frozen mixed drink. Having eaten it with a made a great slushie.

Now the ice pop sleeve worked great. It still didn't freeze completely, because I was eager and ended up being heavy handed with the alcohol. But, it didn't matter because the popsicle holder kept it from dripping and I was able enjoy it without mess. I stuck a straw inside it for quicker drinking.

I have plans to try the cute mold again next week and just relax a little on the alcohol.

You may be wondering why I chose Pina Colada as my first alcohol pop. You aren't? Ok well I am going to tell you anyway. When I was in college, Thursday nights was party night. (was that everywhere, or just at Morehead?) I met this cool girl on my floor and on Thursday's we would hop in her car and drive to Huntington, West Virginia, which is only a little over an hour away, in hindsight I don't know why we didn't go to Lexington. Also in hindsight I think she and I were on a date, but I was straight and clueless. So only realized this when Abbey mentioned it. Anyway, There was a club there called Robbie's which was owned by a former Major League Baseball player. (On a side note, it closed down after someone got beaten to death in front of it). The interesting thing about Robbie's is, you could go in under-age and then guys would come up to you and ask you what you wanted to drink. They didn't "work" there but I am sure they were working it. And I,being a complete novice to anything even remotely cool, (former band kid here) had no idea what to order. So when someone came up and asked me what I wanted I stupidly said ummm whatever. Thus introducing me into the world of the basic beach drink known as, The PiƱa Colada. I am singing, If you Like Pina Colada's....and getting caught in the rain. Because, you can't have a Pina Colada without thinking about Jimmy Buffet. 

Wow,  that was a really long pointless story. Sorry. With out any further ADHD moments, here you go.

I need to add that you'll also need a small can of pineapple juice. I didn't take a picture of that because I got distracted and forgot. Oops! I mixed all of this in a 2 cup glass pyrex mixing cup. The spout was perfect for pouring into the molds without needing a funnel.

For two popsicles you will need:

1/2 c . pineapple chunks
1/4 c. coconut milk (this was difficult to find, it was in the aisle with powdered milk)
1/2 c. Malibu Caribbean Rum
1/4 c. pineapple juice
For two, I was able to use the pineapple juice from the crushed pineapples.

In hindsight I shouldn't have drank the left over and  then tried to do math on how much I needed to convert it to make more popsicles. Here is my drunken math.

1 1/2 c. (12 oz) pineapple chunks
3/4 c. (6 oz) coconut milk, I just used the rest of the carton
1 1/2 c. (12 oz) Malibu Caribbean Rum
3/4 c. (6oz) pineapple juice

Come back next Friday for another another alcoholic popsicle. I am loving this adult twist on a kid favorite!

An Update

My ex husband use to say as soon as I decided I was going to do something a certain way I immediately stopped doing it that way.

He was referring to organization and how I would clean out a closet or drawer ect...and then say, ok this is the new home for whatever. Then immediately I'd stop putting it there.

He's not wrong, and I know I do that. I really don't know why.

Day one of Make The Blog Okay Again.....Should I make hats that say that? Anyway, I wanted to give up after day 1. Or Rather day 1 on implementation. I have ideas and a to-do list.....Oh God the to-do list is daunting. I had to prod myself in the butt to keep going.

I have a new blog design. I don't know why but when I am feeling like I need to reinvent (or just invent) myself I always want to start with a new design. I still have some work to do on this, but its good enough for now.

I have started working on an editorial calendar. Like a real one. In the past I would think of topics and then never follow through. This time I came up with actual blog posts. I don't want to start out putting to much on my plate so expect something on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Tuesday and Thursday will be left open for an update or thrown together personal post.

I am really excited about sharing my first Adult Popsicle, Boozy Pop, Drunken Ice-Pops. Ok I have no idea what to call them. Suggestions welcome. I do know that making them was fun and enjoying them outside was even more fun. It made me wish I was floating on a raft in a pool.

Some News on the Cat Hair and Glitter Front

I come at you with some news, if the title didn't already give that away.

I was scrolling through facebook which I have a love/hate relationship with, and saw something that made me say WTF.

A friend of mine left his wife, his state job, and moved across the country to follow a tribute band and I believe drive for Uber.

This on the heels of two other friends getting divorced it is obviously the season for mid life crisises around here. Which leads me to some soul searching. Don't worry I am not quitting my job and I am not going to follow a tribute band, and I am pretty thankful I don't have to worry about a husband running off.

But I thought about this space, and how its evolved over the years. Can we just be honest and say 2016 was a crappy year and so far 2017 has not been much better? Yes, I think we can. I don't know what caused the decline of not just posting but quality, but it has steadily been getting worse around here. 2015 was actually pretty cool. I want to go back to 2015 or at least the feelings I had about blogging then.

This long weekend was great for my mind, body and spirit. I wrote down a bunch of topics, gave myself some direction, and am excited again. (Dear lord please don't let it disappear fast) I went back through old pinterest pins about blogging and marketing and I have a plan. I have goals. To be honest I suck at setting action plans to achieve goals, but we shall see how all of this will work out

Speaking of Pinterst I actually started on pinterest back when it was invitation only. But I never used it like bloggers are suppose to. It has always been my personal book mark. I never once thought about a "brand" or what image I am putting out. So one of the new goals is to focus on a Cat Hair and Glitter Pinterest business account, But more on that later.

Anyway, the point is expect more clear definition around here. A sneak peak what I have planned.....alcohol icepops. Starting this Friday. I absolutely can't wait to share it with you.


How To Lose A Date in 8 Easy Steps

I don't even know how to write an intro to this post. So I'll just jump right in. I feel like this meme

Why do I even bother mentioning potential dates at all. We all know how it will end. In case you also want to know here is How to lose a date in a few easy steps.
1. Pick someone who is completely and totally cynical.

2. Pick a date and time mention maybe getting food first  but be vague and then don't call or text the day leading up to that date and time to discuss the plans.

3. Text 7 hours before the plan to say you're looking forward to it and will text details later. (this doesn't seem bad, but your date has probably given up on the date at this point)

4. Text 3 hours before the date to say you are running late and there will be no food before but you'll meet them at the location.

5. Be late

 6. Make mean comments about the live performance you are watching.

7. Have cologne so strong you give her a migraine.

8. Make a snide comment about the decal on her car.


Do's and Don't of Staining a Fence

Last Summer I built a fence so the boys in my life (and Leia when she moved in) had a safe space to run and play.  I had heard that you shouldn't immediately stain or paint the wood after you build your fence or deck. I'm not really sure what the reason is. But I left it. I put up a privacy fence on the side of the house that faces the road when I first moved in, so traffic wasn't always looking in my backyard as they drove past. I stained that a few months after I put it up and it taught me a few things. One being that the project of staining the whole fence would take me forever if I have to use a brush and I didn't want that.

So I bought a sprayer for the project. I bought a Wagner. (For the record I really do like it) I thought that and the stain was all I needed. Boy was I wrong. So in order to keep others from going down the same misinformed path that I did. I am going to share my list of Do's and Don'ts.

Do Pick a shade of stain that you like. Also type. There is different types so you may want to research that as well. I bought an oil based wood stain, I also chose a really dark color.

Do gather the appropriate supplies. Don't assume one measly piece of paper towel will be enough.

Don't ignore the instructions. Especially the cleanup instructions.

Do Protect Your Work Surface Before You Open and Pour the Stain

Do tape off your house if you are using a sprayer. 

Don't assume you can get over spray off with soap and water.  Or even after using mineral spirits, graffiti remover, and a pressure washer.

Do Pull up the weeds poking through the fence. 

Did I already say  read the instructions?

So yeah, I still have brown stain residue on my house and I'm not sure how to fix it. Learn from my mistakes and be prepared. Also, the paint sprayer made the job go by so much quicker which left me time to clean the mess I created up.

Three Things

I use to love Myspace quizzes. I really miss them. I also really miss the top 8 spaces. How else are we suppose to show the world who are favorite people are? When Sam at Military Wife Pug Life shared the three things list I had to do it. Its the next best thing to Myspace quizzes.

Three Things I'd Never Give Up

My Girls that includes Hannah
My dogs
My cats

There were a few guys I've dated that were not crazy about the animals. Guess which one I chose?

Three Favorite Vegetables


I actually just kept this the same from Sam's post because Edamame is just awesome

Cherry Tomatoes (Yes I know that's not a picture of a cherry tomato. Oddly enough I hate regular tomatoes.

Corn on the Cob.

Three Shows I've Watched Faithfully To The End

How I Met Your Mother
Gilmore Girls (the Story about my life minus the rich parents)
Dawson's Creek
We can also add
Friday Night Lights (I need Tim Riggins in my life)

Three Places I Want To Visit In The USA

Boston- I'm totally visiting Sam this summer! I am so excited. I see Senior pictures all over Boston  in Abbey's future.

Chicago- So I can visit Steph

Portland/Seattle I know that's two places but they are close so I'm counting it as one.

Three Places I Want To Visit Outside The USA

Paris- I would actually brush up French (4 years worth) If I could go to Paris

England- I am convinced I'd make a great Princess.

Ireland- The motherland. I want to see where half my heritage came from.

Three Things That Are ALWAYS In My Car

Sunglasses : Not wearing sunglasses causes wrinkles. Eye wrinkles will age you fast.

A hairbrush : Last week I noticed I had 4 in my car.

ink pens. Usually about 20

Three Most Recent Calls Were To/From

No one. I never talk on the phone.

Three Most Often Used Makeup Products

I hate to admit this but I very rarely wear make up anymore.

Three Things That Make Me Laugh

The video of the kid with the sheet over his head being hit by a door.
Greg Warren. seriously my favorite comedian ever.
My kids I raised some super funny kids

Three Things That Make Me Cry
The thought of Abbey graduating this year and moving away to start her big girl life :(
13 Reasons Why on Netflix
Anytime I hear about animal abuse 


What I've Been Up To

Hi again.

I have notes of things I want to do here, I don't know why it doesn't seem to happen. Then I get down on myself for not making it happen. So let me catch you guys up on what's been happening in my real life since nothing has been going on here on the blog.

School is out today. I am so freakin' excited to see this school year end. It hasn't been to the level of Emmy's second grade year when she was bullied by her teacher and we discovered she was dyslexic. But nonetheless its been bad. In the last two months  I had to attempt to hold back my momma bear tendencies when the girls were both hurt over things that happened at school. Neither got the part they wanted in the musical and were relegated to the Nuns choir. They were the best damn Nuns I've ever seen. Then Abbey didn't get drum major after working her ass off for two years to get it. She full on sobbed the night she found out. It broke my heart. Oh of course she can "Still be the leader she wants to be" Which in my opinion is a big pot of bullshit. But I am trying to calm down. If I see her director the way I am feeling right now I believe I would have the same level of words that I had for Emmy's second grade teacher. So I am avoiding the situation until I am no longer livid. If you want the whole details I am happy to tell you I just don't want to fully air the dirty laundry. You can just email me or if you have my number text me. Or email me for my number. Its whatever. I'm sad I don't get the summer off, but at least I am school free until the end of July when band camp starts. I'm not going to lie. I tried to get her to quit, but she wouldn't.

I am talking to someone. We had lunch last week. It went well. So far he hasn't ran screaming into the night. we have a date next weekend. He is also a Star Wars fan, just sadly the Rebel Alliance. I know that alone may cause this not to work. Lord knows its crashed and burned for less than that, in the past. He said he is writing a sitcom based on my life. I said we already had Gilmore Girls :)

I started an Instagram for the blog. I've been using my personal one, but truthfully I don't want some of the people in my real life to be involved in my space here. Not that I say anything about them (usually) I just like having this all to myself. If you want to follow its cathairandglitter There isn't anything there right now, but I promise I'll share stuff if you come visit me. Unlike the Instagram for my etsy shop I forgot the login to.

I'm running a Murder Mystery 5k over memorial day. I am both looking forward to and dreading this.

I am thinking about buying an embroidery machine. I really have no idea why. My sister has one and would be more than happy to make stuff for me, but buying one has almost become an obsession. I have gone as far as putting it and all the supplies in my amazon cart. I moved it all to saved for later. But I thinking about this a lot. I keep telling myself when I make the money to buy it from my etsy shop I can buy it. I don't know how long I can keep telling myself that.

Hannah and I were in a car wreck. We weren't injured and really my car wasn't either especially when you consider that a truck hit a car and slung the car into another truck and then the car got pushed into me. Don't ask me how it happened. I was watching it and still have no idea. The bitch that caused the accident has State Farm which I would rather have all my toenails pulled out than deal with. Also turns out after her policy pays the totaled car and the truck with massive damage there may not be anything left for me. So I called my insurance co which I hated to do because when someone is sitting at a red light and another person is on her phone or has her head up her ass and doesn't pay attention to traffic, others shouldn't suffer. It should be easier to sue for property damage. I did call around and ask about that. It seemed like it would cost me more in the long run, but the justice would be satisfying.

lol can you tell how frustrated I have been lately?


The Best Chocolate Cake I've Ever Eaten!

Last week I made this post....This post you are about to read, I uploaded and waiting all week for someone to comment and no one did. I was really bummed and thought I had killed my blog by not posting enough. Then tonight I logged in again, ready to leave another post hoping that maybe someone would read it. That's when I noticed that I uploaded the post to the old site for the Podcast. Talk about a big whoopsie.

Last week I attempted to share a recipe. I haven't done that often because I am a terrible cook. Just ask the kids they will tell you I usually burn everything the first few times I make something new. But we are all bored of the same ole same ole around here so I have been actually making the recipes I have pinned. I know its a crazy idea.

I have been telling EVERYONE I know about this recipe because it   is really easy, and REALLY good. It tastes a lot like Arby's Molten Lava Cake minus the grit. Does it taste gritty at your Arby's? I am also going to make it in cup cake form for the End Of The Year band pic nic on Sunday.

You only need a few ingredients:
1 Cup of Oil
1 1/2 cup of water
Chocolate cake mix
Fudge Brownie Mix
4 eggs

Mix all of these together. You'll need a big bowl. I wanted to use my mini mixer but it was too small.

Now after its all mixed bake it at 350 in a bunt pan.

Let it cool for 5 min, flip onto a platter and start making the topping

boil 1 cup of heavy whipping cream
whisk in a bag of semi sweet chocolate when it is all mixed poor over the cake.

I had to switch to a whisk. It becomes that important once the chocolate melts.

Seriously it is the best cake I've ever eaten. If you try it let me know what you think.

A Journey to the Pacific North West

I had a training for work yesterday. It was a really fun eye opening training. Which isn't always the case so I was happy. But, I am sure I am now looked at like the crazy coworker.

See the training was on bias. At one part we looked at pictures of 4 individuals and had to say what was our reactions to the photos. One of the pictures was Ted Bundy when he was defending himself against murder. Taken briefly before he escaped and traveled to Florida. Where he killed the girls in the Chi Omega house and the young young.

I was super excited that I knew who it was. So after the others said what they thought, usually that he seemed charming and nice. One person said he had mean eyes. Finally I was hoping up and down in my seat so the training let me speak. I told all about his murders and how he was defending  and soon after the picture he jumped out of a second story window and fled to Florida where he committed his finals murders. I mentioned the connection to Anne Rule, how they worked together in a crisis call center, locked inside an old Victorian mansion together. That's how she became a true crime author she wrote about her relationship with him.

When I was done with my insane ramblings. The trainer said I was correct. everyone just kind of looked at me like I was weird. Then someone from the back asked if he had a personality disorder. I happily filled them in on that as well.

So since I am basically only posting once a week I thought I should ask this now :)

The girls and I are planning on a massive road trip this summer. A 36 hour one way trip. I never go anywhere because I am a homebody and hate spending money on experiences (I know I am odd) But Its somewhere we really want to go and see that Abbey graduates next year and her two top schools are super far from me. Why did I have to watch Gilmore Girls with her? She is wanting to abandon me for Yale. So since she is leaving me (sniff sniff.) I want to try to do things we've always wanted to do. So major road trip it is. Now here is the dilemma should I use my car which gets almost 40 mpg and takes flex fuel which is always cheaper than regular gas but will put 5 thousand miles on my car. Or should I rent a car. I price checked and found one for about 177 for the week but won't take flex fuel and may not have the gas mileage of my car? Which would you do?

Goal Check in and Spring Goal Setting

This time change really gets to me. I have spent the week fighting the desire to nap all day and then not able to sleep at night. I also spend all day on Sunday wishing I had one more day off because I didn't get everything done that I wanted to get done.

At least this weekend I was not chasing bunnies around a yard. I was designing buttons for the podcast.What do you think? I think the one with the eyes needs to be moved down some for sure.
I had a date. Kinda. The dad of a friend of the girls asked me to make a wall decal and I did. He invited us over and I hung it up. They cooked and we all played cards against humanity and the kids danced and had fun. Hmmm. Ok typing that out maybe it wasn't a date after all.

So I went back to see my progress on winter goals, to find I didn't set in winter goals. Which is ok because according to my fall goals I suck at completing goals.

1. Set a budget- Lets try this again Nope hasn't happened

2. Work on organization- my organization hasn't improved from the last post. I still can't find shit. Actually this has gotten better. I have almost all of my craft things organized. I am able to use my room as an office and function ok. And several other spots are organized. I am calling this a partial win.

3.  Paint a room- I have several things that need painted and I know that I will not be able to get it all done, but I think I can accomplish a room. Nope, although I have a date set to paint Abbey's room. I just can't decide on a color for my room and the living room.

4. Etsy/Shirts-I've been doing stuff for my friends and family and kinda half hearted with etsy, but I think I am going to focus on it more strongly. This has been ok. I've averaged a sale or two a week. Christmas was really busy.

5. Concentrate more on blogging-Actual posting and commenting more. I am hoping this goes hand and hand with the getting more organized. I don't feel like I am using my time wisely. Nope this has been a bust. Sorry

Spring is one of my busiest times. The end of school year is insane and this year is made worse because both girls are in the musical so we have lots of rehearsals and show dates. Plus we are getting out of school earlier this year. (only 3 snow days) so lots of stuff gets packed into the next 2 months. That being said I am going to try to make a few goals.

1. Concentrate on Blogging. I am determined folks. I love blogging, I hate that I am so bad at getting any content out.

2. Focus on Podcast Growth. Guys I am telling you I never thought I would be so close to year one on this podcast. But here we are about to have a birthday party (launch day party?) for Haunted Family Podcast or HFP as I call it. We had so many issues along the way I really can't believe we didn't just give up. But we didn't and I think every week we get better. I actually had the coolest encounter this week. I was in a fb group and someone mentioned their podcast and its one I love and listen to every week. So I told her that. She said she listens to me too. It really made my day.  I was just thinking with the anniversary coming up I'd like to do a give away give someone a fan pack of the buttons, maybe a sticker, magnet, shirt etc.... I don't know. I would love ideas if you have them. I have never done a giveaway before so really don't know how to even have one. Suggestions are totally welcome.

3. Paint Abbey's room and touch up other areas that have paint issues. 

4. Go on a real date. One that doesn't involve me doing work no matter how much fun making decals or shirts are. 

Chasing the Easter Bunny

This weekend my ex husband was out of the state and he asked me to feed his bunnies. He has several different hutches. I agreed because I am nice and I love playing with the bunnies after I've fed them. When I pulled up to his house I realized I had left the door to one of the hutches open and he had a jail break. There were bunnies hopping all around his yard.

 Hannah, Abbey, and I chased them all down except for one. An all white one with pink eyes.

But don't worry we set the live trap with bunny food inside so she should come back home.
If I was a real blogger I could spin this story around to be some metaphor on life, but instead I started to take the pics with my phone because I never have my DSLR with me, and the battery died so I had to plug my phone into my car. I am so grateful that my phone charger is super long so I could take this while it was plugged in. Ha! What do you know there is my metaphor for life. I have been so scattered lately (not just with letting my phone die, and example. Abbey was singing at the final game of the girls high school basketball tournament and my phone didn't spring forward. We were almost too late for her to make it) that I feel like I am chasing the Easter Bunny.

Things I am Hating Right Now

To balance out yesterdays post about the things I am loving I'm going to share the things that are pissing me off. No none of it political. That could be a book.

Online Mean Girls. I belong to a bunch of crafting groups. This week someone made a post saying after all the hateful comments she received over a mug she made (for herself) that was misspelled she was giving up on her dream of selling  anything. She also added that she had dyslexia. Now I know its a good thing for someone to say "hey that's 'misspelled" but for 40+ people to say it over and over again and point out repeatedly that she'll never sale things with her attention to detail blah blah blah it gets annoying. Now I should add the cup was cute and the misspelling fit because it was a cup about day drinking. I think we need to go back to what southern mamas teach their kids. If you can't say something nice or constructive then don't say anything at all. I wrote her a nice note encouraging her. No way should she let others discourage her over something that insignificant. Hell just this evening I did a mock up of a shirt for someone. It was to say Blayden's #1 fan. I added an extra s. She noticed it said maybe just one s. We laughed and I took the extra s out.

Netflix Originals. Remember yesterday when I was saying how awesome Santa Clarita Diet is? Well it was awesome, and now I am left impatiently waiting for new season of that, Orange is the New Black, The Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt, and there may be another I am forgetting about.  Come on Netflix don't only give us 10 small episodes and then make us wait a year. I'll pay a few dollars extra for my Netflix if you give me more episodes.

Time Warner/Spectrum every since the change I have had issues with my connection and some channels have such a signal interference its unwatchable.

Our local Guitar Store Emmy is learning the guitar. She doesn't want to be a singer that just sings. She wants to be a "real musician" I bought her an electric guitar. You should see my hallway when I get it done. We will have three guitars hung up as you walk down the hall. It is so much better than bulky cases everywhere. Anyway. I took the guitar to get tuned and restrung. The cost of restringing it was more than the strings themselves. Like double. I agreed to pay it, but that is my last time. I will be learning how to do this myself or better yet Emmy will be learning how to do this herself.  She has really surprised me with how much she has picked up already. Ok I guess this one is a positive and a negative.

Internet Guy Did I mention the guy that started messaging me and at one point asked me why I was so closed off and detached and appear to hate men? This is also the guys that is super into Walking Dead. Well tonight he asked me what has made me so hard. Then preceded to say all of this. I assume the SPECA is is talking about is the ASPCA. I could be wrong but the connotation would be right. I went off. I told him I couldn't talk to him anymore that we just disagreed too much. This is why I need to open a rescue. Which knowing me will probably be more like a sanctuary. I also want abandoned pigs. Did you know that they get turned into the shelters once they get big and aren't cute little pink piglets anymore? People market them as teacup pigs but that doesn't mean they are going to be teacup dog size. I can't have pigs where I live. No swine in city limits (even though I know some posing as humans)  You wanna know why I am so "hard" Because there are humans that don't think animals have feelings or personalities. That they think what can they do for me.


A few things I am loving

There are so many things I am absolutely loving right now. I want to share because I want you to enjoy them too. 

Cards Against Humanity. Its tag call itself a party game for horrible people. I learned about it during my going away party with my old company. You can order it from Amazon and I highly recommend that you do. Its fun. Each deck has black cards that have a partial phrase and white cards that have possible words to feel in the phrases. Its your job to make the funniest phrase with the cards you draw.  I hate card games and I LOVE this one. I have all the expansion packs except the last one.

Santa Clarita Diet. I may have binged what this over the weekend. Its a Netflix original. Which you know is awesome because Netflix is fantastic that way. It has Drew Barrymore and Ricardo Antonio Chavira (Carlos from Desperate Housewives)

Fresh Bread. I bought bread machine and have made a loaf every day. I found a recipe that is just like a kings Hawaiian roll. Now if I could just learn how to slice bread for Abbey's lunch, I'll never have to buy bread again.

Podcast We have finally started to hit a stride. We are getting an episode out a week and I think the quality is improving with every episode. Today's episode is Lovers Lane Murders. We also decided we needed an Instagram account so when we have a picture that ties to our story we have a place to share it. You can find us at haunted_family_podcast. 

Weather I am usually complaining about the cold and snow but our entire winter has been like fall or spring. I think I have only had a coat on a handful of times. Today I actually had my windows open. I hope this doesn't mean that summer will be hot. Kentucky is so humid. I can't stand being sweaty and sticky.

Speaking of Kentucky a few crazy things are happening here so be prepared for an update post later this week.


Super Bowl Weekend: A post barely about the Super Bowl

Not to keep talking about food but I have something odd that is happening and I wanted opinions.

So the longer I am single the more out of touch I am with others. At times I think I am coming off as hostile. Ok who am I kidding its not juts me that thinks this. This was brought to my attention this weekend when a guy that has been messaging me (see I don't even know if this means we are talking? I think probably not) He asked how my day was. Well this was my day....

I had an issue with someone complaining about this shirt. She was accusing me of not donating to the cause and profiting off the plight of others. First of all I am Lakota, those fighting are family.  Second of all, the listing says I am donating what does she want a screen shot of the donation made? Third of all, Heather came up with the design and I just made it happen. To top it off she didn't even buy the shirt just wanting to complain. Fourth of all she was complaining on a fb group my sister belongs to and she had me blocked so I couldn't defend myself. Thankfully Heather and Hannah handled her. All of this drama came about because she told Heather (on their mutual group) that she was a botanist but Heather corrected her on asparagus. Yes this insanity was because she was trying to say she was a botanist but thought there was only one specie of asparagus. This embarrassed her and she went off. No clue why she chose me. I don't even care about asparagus. Although sugar snap peas is another story. I could eat them by the bucket load.

Same day. I dropped Emmy off at her friends house. They just moved here about 2 years ago from Russia. We had a little language barrier. It was kinda comical. Super sweet people though and Emmy had fun and their daughter is precious.

Also same day, I came home to see two girls having a lovers quarrel in the ditch beside my house. One was sitting in the ditch (basically in my yard) and the other was standing over her yelling, spitting, and waving her arms. Then spitter stomped off and ditch girl got up crying and ran after her. I really wanted to shout as I got out of my car to just let her go that spitting is nasty. 

 So I told him all of that and he asked if I was ok. I was confused and asked why I wouldn't be ok. Its not like I got spit on. Also every evening I get asked what we had for dinner. I have no idea why this question makes me feel like I am standing in front of the class unprepared with no pants on. I mean how hard is it to say, we all ate cereal with a side of ice cream?

Now add to this He was talking about The Walking Dead, which I have never been able to get into. I tried considering the creator is from Kentucky. Anyway, this conversation happened.

So people who are not socially awkward and may possibly spend super bowl with people instead of cute furbabies like this......Am I being insane? Or as he said defensive and closed off.
Also isn't my super bowl date a cutie? Sadly his owners love him and I didn't get to steal him.

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