Just some updates

You may have noticed that I haven't posted in awhile. I have so much stuff going on that I haven't had much creativity left over to write. So here is an update.

  • I interviewed for a job that is pretty much what I am doing now. Fingers crossed we hear good news soon. 
  • I am packing up my office and trying to close out all of my work and its been a crazy time. 
  • The etsy shop is doing well and I am spending my afternoons filling orders. This has been a wonderful  thing and I am so excited to keep growing this.
  •  My high school won the state football championship. Its been a long time coming. I was following along every time someone went live. They totally shut them out 48 to nothing. Ok that's not really me being busy but it is me being a proud Alumni. 
  • Its that time of year when we have a million band and choir concerts and events. 
  • I'll be working from home the last two weeks of the year so I am hoping I'll be posting more often then.
  • Heather and I have a huge list of podcast topics we want to do and are planning a marathon recording day so I am researching my ass off.

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