Princess Leia

If you follow  me on Instagram you probably saw that Leia is sick. She started out shivering and then she didn't want to walk and if you tried to touch her back legs she would bite. Which is sooooo not Leia. Usually she wants to be carried around in this baby sling and she is always smiling. So we knew something wasn't right.

The vet couldn't find anything wrong with her legs. She had no pep to  her which is very unusual. She just laid on the examine table  looking so sad.

After a complete blood work they determined she is highly anemic. No clue why. So she is on iron supplements twice a day and we were told to switch her food to wet. If she doesn't improve she may have to have blood transfusion. She was really close to needing one. Her hematocrit was 19 and at 15 they give blood.

We didn't figure out what was wrong with her legs, but she is content to be curled up in a sweater then wrapped in a blanket.  We go back to the vet in a week  to have her blood checked again and to check her legs out.

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