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So I wrote a long heart felt extremely well written post about my thoughts on the election. I re read it and then decided to delete it. I am done. I'm over it. I just want to focus on good things and keeping my loved ones that may have a rough 4 years safe.  I want to move on and think about happy thoughts again. Besides this blog is not a serious blog. Unless I am on my soap box about Dyslexia its pretty shallow and fluff filled around here and I like it that way.

Last year Emmy talked me into making a Happiness Jar. Its a jar we keep in the kitchen and whenever something good happens we write it down on a post it and stick it in the jar, I'm pretty sure we are going to read them out loud on New Years Eve. We've had  a wild year but its nice to see that jar and all the post it notes and know that we can sit down and read them soon and remember that no matter how bad things seem at times, there are still lots of great things going on. "Happiness can be found in even the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light." Wise old Dumbledore. He knew what he was talking about.

Like Leia, she was so sick and after a week of her meds she seems back to her old self except she is still protective of her back end. We've all been bitten lol. I am a hoover-er (is that a word?) when the kids are sick and then fur kids are no different. I am constantly walking past her and feeling her nose, feeling of her fur, and checking her gums (a sign of anemia is pale gums). She goes back next week to see her Vet but I'm impatient.

I've sold 6 shirts this week and have a craft booth ready for a craft fair next week. My sister designed a shirt and I made it and a portion of the profits go to the protestors at Standing Rock. I mentioned it a looong time ago when the blog was a baby, but I am Sioux (and obviously Irish). My great great grandfather was actually Chief John Grass. So it is important for us to give back any that we can. Visiting the reservation is always a super depressing thing. I hate that its an issue. I have so many friends who work in the oil that rely on drilling for a job, but come on don't we all deserve clean drinking water? I wish I could help people have clean water and people have jobs.

Still no word on the job front, but for some reason I am not stressed. That's soooooo  not like me. I am a worrier and a planner so I am hoping that its all gonna shake out well.

I am almost done Christmas shopping. I like to be done early so I can actually enjoy the holidays.

You may remember camping trip guy from a few months ago. I guess it didn't work out with his girlfriend because he has been texting me. I am torn between being amused that he thinks he can just pick up where we left off and being angry that he assumed I'd be waiting patiently for him. Further proof he didn't really know me at all.

My insurance co approved the migraine medicine that actually works. I am really super happy about this. I've been struggling with these more often recently and I am sure its stress triggered.

Don't tell Emmy I am telling you this, but she likes a boy....and he is shorter than her. She said its not a big deal to her, but some people at school are teasing them. Because middle school kids are the worst. She asked me how I'd handle that. I laughed and said I'm never taller than anyone. She laughed. Then I pointed out all the tall celebrities who  have dated shorter guys. Case in point anyone that dates Tom Cruise. 


Mandela Effect

Update on Leia. She is walking and running, but still won't let you touch her back legs. She takes her medicine with no problem.

If you haven't listened to the podcast already (or even if you have) A new episode launched last night Emmy has been watching youtube video about the Mandela Effect for the last month or so. She followed me around for days asking me questions and then when I answered she'd shout NO! Mandela Effect. lol It was pretty funny, and led me to research the topic.

So the Mandela Effect is a phenomenon where a large group of people remember something happening that didn't. Not to give spoilers from the podcast but in Star Wars Darth Vader apparently never said "Luke, I am your father." We talk about several more and even talk about possible reasons why this happens.

I thought today would be a good time to talk about the Mandela effect since its the day after the election (although I am writing this just as the polls close) and I am sure there are people reading this that are hoping they will wake up and it will all be a horrible nightmare and that we really had other candidates to chose from other than Hillary and Donald. As Abbey said if this does not turn into a Mandela Effect she will have to tell her future kids that we don't discuss the election of 2016.


Princess Leia

If you follow  me on Instagram you probably saw that Leia is sick. She started out shivering and then she didn't want to walk and if you tried to touch her back legs she would bite. Which is sooooo not Leia. Usually she wants to be carried around in this baby sling and she is always smiling. So we knew something wasn't right.

The vet couldn't find anything wrong with her legs. She had no pep to  her which is very unusual. She just laid on the examine table  looking so sad.

After a complete blood work they determined she is highly anemic. No clue why. So she is on iron supplements twice a day and we were told to switch her food to wet. If she doesn't improve she may have to have blood transfusion. She was really close to needing one. Her hematocrit was 19 and at 15 they give blood.

We didn't figure out what was wrong with her legs, but she is content to be curled up in a sweater then wrapped in a blanket.  We go back to the vet in a week  to have her blood checked again and to check her legs out.

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