Why can't we clone ourselves yet

This weekend was one of those times I wished I had the ability to clone myself. I have been struggling with migraines again. I have a new script but once when I took it I was extremely dizzy and wanted to sleep all day, so I am afraid to take it. So I dealt with the weekend the best I could.

Friday the PTO was hosting a dance/haunted house. I delegated the set up to the other members, because I was also preparing for Abbey's state regional marching band championship for Saturday. This consisted of making sure everything needed to feed 60+ kids was packed and then coordinating with another mom to cook all the food. 2 crock pots of chili and a crock pot of the best potato soup I've ever tasted, and 3 loaves of grilled cheese, was my responsibility.

Saturday we got up super early and finished the grilled cheese, dropped Abbey off at school, and gathered all the things I had packed the night before so it could be loaded. We debated loading the food with the supplies but I thought the food would stay warmer longer in my trunk. This turned out to be a good decision because somehow that trailer that held all of the pit equipment, props, and, and supplies for the meal was left at school. Someone went back to get it but the keys were missing, it was definitely an ordeal. But these things happen. I've been involved with marching bands in some way either a student, sister, band directors girlfriend, or mom, every years except for 6 since 1990. So I have seen some crazy things. Like an equipment bus getting a speeding ticket, getting in an accident, catching on fire, drum major podium being severely damaged, just to name a few things. These things just happen. Thankfully the kids handled it well. Another band was kind enough to loan us the instruments that we needed. Even though we were competing against them for a spot at state. They played well, looked good and are going on to state. So it did have a happy ending and they learned so much from this experience. The band directors apologized to the kids and taught them a lesson on assumption. It had a good ending.
I ordered this cute fox ear warmer from the etsy shop TheKnotandChain. 

Sunday my sister was still here so we decided to record the podcast. It was great. We had fun, yet somehow it didn't save and we lost it all. No idea why we have so many issues with this. I also dropped my phone on my eye and now have a little bruise. 

Thankfully this week is not as busy as last week even if we do have State to look forward to.

I forgot to mention, since the walking dead came back and everyone I know is crazy about it. That i would share this, Series creator Robert Kirkman is from Cynthiana, Kentucky. I don't watch the series but apparently Cynthiana has been mentioned and it played a bigger role in the comic and web series. I was working in Cynthiana on Friday and took this picture while I was driving around the town lost....with no cell/data service.

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