Whats my Name?

Remember yesterday when I asked you a million questions about my etsy shop? As I suspected the name is not great. So here is the problem I have apparently changed the name before so I now will have to submit the name change to etsy and my reason why I need the change so they can decide. Also the downside, all the good endings to AandE are taken. So here is basically what I have to chose from
CatHair and Glitter is taken (yeah I am surprised too) Sadly I can't add Creation to the end of that because I run out of space.  But I could do CHandGcreations. but my only hesitation to that is I'd assume its ran by people with the initials CHandG

I could do something related to Morehead, but I don't plan on living here forever. When the girls are out of school I expect I'll move since I really have no ties here.

What do you think?

I made this banner for the shop. I'm open to suggestions.
 In case I haven't said it enough I absolutely appreciate all the feedback you are giving me.

I finished my Etsy class last night. I got some great news too. Because I finished the class I am able to set up at a small business fair in a few weeks. They will show a power point of my shop and tell my story and then people can stop by my table and buy stuff if they want. I am really super excited about this. The guy over the fair  said when they did this in Louisville most of the shops sold out.

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