Old house issues

There are some things I love about living in an old house. The original hardwood floors, the archs, fire place, and even the wall oven that makes me think of the Brady Bunch . But there are things I dislike too like the limited closet and storage space like the tiny breaker box, that the washer in in an alcove in the kitchen and the dryer is in the hallway. No joke that is the set up. They are roughly 5 feet apart but still annoy. I am usually able to ignore the dislikes but last week I felt like packing up and moving. Ok not really, but I did feel like screaming.

The kitchen and living room are run on the same breaker, except for the stove and oven, and wall that has the TV plugged in to it. Oh and its a 15 amp breaker which is apparently insanely small, because everyone that has looked at it has commented on it. Last week the kitchen breaker threw. It would not come back on even when i turned to flip it back on. I ran an extension cord from Emmy's room to power the fridge and my ex husband stopped by on his way home and looked at it. Then he came back the next day and replaced the breaker. He texted me to say it didn't fix the problem and I needed to find an electrician.

I found one who came over, flipped the switch and it all came back on. He said the wires probably got overheated and because the kitchen is pulling so much electricity with just the fridge. So I am leery every time I turn anything in the kitchen on.

At least it was a positive ending to an otherwise really stressful and crappy week.

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