Ghosts of Halloweens Past

Happy Halloween Everybody. I feel like Halloween should be over. We've already had trick or treat night. I had my usual no visits. Last weekend we had state semi finals for band. As excited as I am for the season to start. I am that excited to see the season end. Its so exhausting.

While I had my sister with me for the weekend we recorded 2 podcast episodes. Episode 15 Witches is up. Its probably one of my most favorite topics. We even stopped by to visit the Witch Tree mentioned in the episode. We had so much trouble with technology. Each episode had to be recorded several times.

Since its been a busy time here, I don't really have anything to blog about today. So I am leaving you with some of my favorite Halloween posts from years past.

My Trip to Waverly Hills one of the most haunted places in the US
Making a Super Cute Fall Mantle
How to make a Cousin IT for your yard
I have some crazy superstitions. This post is about some of them
The University I attended was haunted, This post is a few of the stories.

Why can't we clone ourselves yet

This weekend was one of those times I wished I had the ability to clone myself. I have been struggling with migraines again. I have a new script but once when I took it I was extremely dizzy and wanted to sleep all day, so I am afraid to take it. So I dealt with the weekend the best I could.

Friday the PTO was hosting a dance/haunted house. I delegated the set up to the other members, because I was also preparing for Abbey's state regional marching band championship for Saturday. This consisted of making sure everything needed to feed 60+ kids was packed and then coordinating with another mom to cook all the food. 2 crock pots of chili and a crock pot of the best potato soup I've ever tasted, and 3 loaves of grilled cheese, was my responsibility.

Saturday we got up super early and finished the grilled cheese, dropped Abbey off at school, and gathered all the things I had packed the night before so it could be loaded. We debated loading the food with the supplies but I thought the food would stay warmer longer in my trunk. This turned out to be a good decision because somehow that trailer that held all of the pit equipment, props, and, and supplies for the meal was left at school. Someone went back to get it but the keys were missing, it was definitely an ordeal. But these things happen. I've been involved with marching bands in some way either a student, sister, band directors girlfriend, or mom, every years except for 6 since 1990. So I have seen some crazy things. Like an equipment bus getting a speeding ticket, getting in an accident, catching on fire, drum major podium being severely damaged, just to name a few things. These things just happen. Thankfully the kids handled it well. Another band was kind enough to loan us the instruments that we needed. Even though we were competing against them for a spot at state. They played well, looked good and are going on to state. So it did have a happy ending and they learned so much from this experience. The band directors apologized to the kids and taught them a lesson on assumption. It had a good ending.
I ordered this cute fox ear warmer from the etsy shop TheKnotandChain. 

Sunday my sister was still here so we decided to record the podcast. It was great. We had fun, yet somehow it didn't save and we lost it all. No idea why we have so many issues with this. I also dropped my phone on my eye and now have a little bruise. 

Thankfully this week is not as busy as last week even if we do have State to look forward to.

I forgot to mention, since the walking dead came back and everyone I know is crazy about it. That i would share this, Series creator Robert Kirkman is from Cynthiana, Kentucky. I don't watch the series but apparently Cynthiana has been mentioned and it played a bigger role in the comic and web series. I was working in Cynthiana on Friday and took this picture while I was driving around the town lost....with no cell/data service.


My trip into the great outdoors

I natured yesterday.  I'm assuming  if adult can be used as a verb then so can nature.  I am gonna tell you the truth. I thought I was gonna die. I don't venture into nature very often. I like to look at it, from the window of something climate controlled.  Abbey had been asking  to visit Lockegee Rock which is a super popular spot for college kids. One reason I am sure is because it's harder than hell  to get to, so old people don't go.

My goal was to go and record the podcast on location, yeah I forgot the super popular part. We saw several groups of people. A guy taking pics with a camera I lusted after (camera not guy) another guy playing guitar for a girl, sorority girls in dresses and heeled boots. No idea how they made it up the rock in those outfits.

So the podcast didn't get recorded. Sorry about that. But I did get some pretty pictures that reminded me how lucky I am to live in one of the prettiest states ever. Even if it's full of some crazy people.

The trail was very deceptive. I thought It was going to be a piece of cake. I hadn't been there in about 20+ years. I totally forgot what I was getting myself in to.

Oh hey look at that.  I'm about to climb you. 

Please don't even ask me how I got up there.It wasn't pretty and possibly included some cussing.

Look how gorgeous!!

Oh I love you too alligator rock. I use to want someone to spray paint "I love you Holly" on an overpass or giant rock. It never happened.

Kentucky is absolutely gorgeous in Spring and Fall. Summer is hotter than the gates of hell and winter is so depressing, unless there is snow on the ground. There is something so sad about trees with no leaves.

I am afraid this will be the last nice day of fall (before all the leaves are gone) Its suppose to turn chilly this weekend. Just in time for Marching Band Regionals. Well now all I need is a trip to a pumpkin patch and some pics of me in boots drinking pumpkin spice anything and my basic bitch fall checklist will  be complete.


Whats my Name?

Remember yesterday when I asked you a million questions about my etsy shop? As I suspected the name is not great. So here is the problem I have apparently changed the name before so I now will have to submit the name change to etsy and my reason why I need the change so they can decide. Also the downside, all the good endings to AandE are taken. So here is basically what I have to chose from
CatHair and Glitter is taken (yeah I am surprised too) Sadly I can't add Creation to the end of that because I run out of space.  But I could do CHandGcreations. but my only hesitation to that is I'd assume its ran by people with the initials CHandG

I could do something related to Morehead, but I don't plan on living here forever. When the girls are out of school I expect I'll move since I really have no ties here.

What do you think?

I made this banner for the shop. I'm open to suggestions.
 In case I haven't said it enough I absolutely appreciate all the feedback you are giving me.

I finished my Etsy class last night. I got some great news too. Because I finished the class I am able to set up at a small business fair in a few weeks. They will show a power point of my shop and tell my story and then people can stop by my table and buy stuff if they want. I am really super excited about this. The guy over the fair  said when they did this in Louisville most of the shops sold out.

Help me grow

I've been taking an Etsy class. Tonight is my last night. Its been extremely informative one thing we have talked about is our brand. Now not gonna lie,  I have been confusing logos and design for branding, for all the years I have been blogging. For the record I never knew what the brand of this blog was. I still don't. I have no clue who my audience is because everyone seems to be from varied backgrounds.

The thing we talked about in class that really hit it home for me was Disney. You know the mouse and the Princess and that is just part of their brand. The Disney brand is that dreams come true, family fun, and fairy tales. The mouse and the princesses are just decoration.

I still don't know what the brand of this blog is and I think that's OK. It was never my intention to monetize this or make it anything other than a place to write what pops into my head and maybe connect with other bloggers that are cool. It has done just that. I feel like I come here and write to my friends. Beyond that I am just a mom who has a love of glitter, saving animals and uses fuck as a comma in everyday conversation. 

I really want my Etsy shop to be more, especially since my job is ending and I am pretty uncertain of what will happen after that. I have an idea that I am kinda excited about. I will need about 800 for the class and I would like to have the cushion of the shop in case what I find doesn't have the same level of pay.  So I am trying to do it right. I have read so much stuff on small businesses my head is spinning. Don't worry I will tell you all about my idea and the class needed to do that job once I have more details on what all is required.

I want my shop to be as varied as I am. When you visit my shop I want you to get a sense of who I am. One thing the teacher kept asking us was, who am I selling to? Well I don't know. I enjoy doing lots of creative things and don't think I'd be happy just making Crazy Cat Lady shirts, I have ADD and would quickly burn out on that. So what can I do? I can make nearly anything out of vinyl, glitter, some wood stuff. Is varied the way to go or should I just focus on one type of thing? Also I have a total fear of rejection so I struggle with promotion. Even though I have people contacting me to make them stuff I just worry.

Here are some of the things I've made.
 A cute glitter cup with my blog name.

I can do any sticker and any color. These are great for laptops and car windows.
 I made these for the girls to wear to the opening of Star Wars
 I learned how to do glitter on mugs. Can you have enough glitter?
 Monograms are pretty popular here. Abbey hates them though.
I made several of these shirts for other band moms. I love glitter (shocker I know) so I like to use it on shirts as often as I can. 
A glitter straw mason jar. I could add any wording and tons of glitter options
More monogram stickers.
This was a mommy and son set. Mommy is expecting, I love the little pumpkin with feet inside.
 These can say literally anything. In case you can't tell its a bottle opener for the wall.

Here is the link to my Etsy shop. If you have time could you visit it and then answer some of the questions I have below.
 Abbey designed the logo.

1. What do you think about the name? I changed the name of the blog about 4 times until I landed on Cat Hair and Glitter which is sooo me. I wanted to use that for the Etsy shop but Abbey said she wouldn't want to buy something from a shop named Cat Hair. So I chose A&E Production after the girls. But I second guess myself on that all the time, and Etsy only lets you change your name twice so I need to be super sure.

2. Looking at the shop what would you change? Add? Take Away? What is your first impression?

3. What kinds of thing do you purchase from Etsy?

4. What are some ways businesses market themselves that you think may work for me? I sponsored my own podcast last week and that let to several views.

5. Making the glitter ornaments is lots of fun, what are some things you'd like to see on them? I've tried to do some mock ups of things but I just don't know what people want. Also, I think I have over priced these. When I look on Etsy its within the price range of others, I just feel it may be too much. What do you think?

6. Would Blogging related things go over well, like shirts etc? 

7. I have made an instagram account for the shop It would make me super happy if you could follow it. a.and.e.production. So far that's it but if I end up changing the shop name that will change as well.

8. What do you think of Black Friday Sales/Cyber Monday? Does that make a difference in your purchasing decision and if it does what kind of discount are you looking for Percent off or free shipping? 

 Thanks so much for reading all of this lengthy post and if you decide to answer a question or all of them I appreciate that a lot. I just really want to do this right, and I am way out of my element.



I was nominated by Captain Kirt at To Baldly Go
The Liebster is a way for bloggers to acknowledge other bloggers whom they feel have a unique, entertaining, informative or educational voice.  It is also a terrific way to promote and spotlight hidden gems in the blogging community. For more information and the official rules, please visit the Global Aussie website.
As part of my nomination I was asked to answer 10 questions. Here are my 10 questions. 

Why did you start blogging? I had been an avid reader of blogs and felt like hey I should start one too.
If you were a time traveler, would you go forwards or backwards? I would absolutely go forward and then remember winning lottery numbers, super bowls, world series so I can go back to my time and bet money on them.
What is your idea of a great evening? Home with nothing to do except watch TV
Who would you like to be stuck in a lift with? Someone nice
What scares you, I mean really scares you? Serial Killers, True Crime  stuff. People are seriously scary.
If you were a cartoon character which one would you be? I've been described as Tinker Bell on more than one occasion.

If you won the lottery (or came into a large sum of money) what would you go out and buy first? Pay my house off, then my car. After that probably both of those for my sister.
When you're in the car alone (if you don't drive then think of a similar circumstance where you're alone with a radio) what would you turn the radio on to? True Crime Podcasts
Star Wars or Star Trek? I have the imperial symbol on my car. I have been Team Vader since I was probably 3 and realized what Star Wars was.
Gravy or no gravy? I like Gravy as long as its good gravy. Being from the south we have breakfast gravy and dinner gravy. I like both but suck at making both.

There it is. If anyone else wants to answer these questions go ahead and put your answers in the comments or post them on your blog.

Old house issues

There are some things I love about living in an old house. The original hardwood floors, the archs, fire place, and even the wall oven that makes me think of the Brady Bunch . But there are things I dislike too like the limited closet and storage space like the tiny breaker box, that the washer in in an alcove in the kitchen and the dryer is in the hallway. No joke that is the set up. They are roughly 5 feet apart but still annoy. I am usually able to ignore the dislikes but last week I felt like packing up and moving. Ok not really, but I did feel like screaming.

The kitchen and living room are run on the same breaker, except for the stove and oven, and wall that has the TV plugged in to it. Oh and its a 15 amp breaker which is apparently insanely small, because everyone that has looked at it has commented on it. Last week the kitchen breaker threw. It would not come back on even when i turned to flip it back on. I ran an extension cord from Emmy's room to power the fridge and my ex husband stopped by on his way home and looked at it. Then he came back the next day and replaced the breaker. He texted me to say it didn't fix the problem and I needed to find an electrician.

I found one who came over, flipped the switch and it all came back on. He said the wires probably got overheated and because the kitchen is pulling so much electricity with just the fridge. So I am leery every time I turn anything in the kitchen on.

At least it was a positive ending to an otherwise really stressful and crappy week.
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