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I bet the post title made you think I was here to dispense awesome wisdom about how I stay organized? Well you have come to the wrong place. Its actually the opposite. I am spiraling out of control. 

I use to be organized. People use to joke about my organization skills. I would read books and magazines on the subject for fun. Then I moved 6 times in 5 years and felt my organization slip away little by little with each move.

I've been stationary for two years now. I had hoped that the skills I lost would return once I was stable and not living like a nomad. That hasn't been the case. In the last week I have misplaced My favorite pair of jeans, a list with the details of a vinyl decal order that would  be 60 extra dollars of income if I can find it, 90 dollars in fundraiser cash. I was a week past the deadline to submit my tax stuff to the student loan people. I did however, find my tablet that has been missing for a year. (literally a year) So, little blessings I guess. I also found Hannah's change of address form from July.Then lost it again, before I could take it to the post office.

I am at the point where I can admit. I need help. My life has apparently reached a point that I can't keep up with even the most basic of things. Do any of you have any tips? Like real tips not, here is a pretty picture of a jar labeled with whats inside. I have stuff like that covered. I just don't have a grasp on the day to day household/life management.

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