Straight Outta Kentucky

Its been awhile since I have done a Straight Outta Kentucky post. That isn't because stupid things haven't happened here. Mostly its because I tell myself to remember to post about it, and the totally forget.

Kinda like this story. I knew you guys would love it, and then I forgot about it. But, as fate would have it, it showed back up in my fb news feed and I miraculously remembered to share it.

Back in July a couple had taken some pills and were driving down the road looking for a place to swim. They were lost ad wandered down a dead end road. The car they were driving ran off the road and hit a utility pole. But sad for them, they also turned over a bee hive and were attacked by over 300 bees.

You have to watch the short video the eye witness account is what really makes the story hysterical.

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