I hate changes

I don't handle change well. I would definitely call myself a slow to warm up. Even if its a change I like and should be excited about it takes me forever to get use to the change.

This week I had two big events hit me and I am just not ready to accept either one of them yet.

My neighbor died. We had been busy with work and band camp. Our days were long and I didn't notice that I hadn't seen her outside in awhile. It popped into my head one day that I hadn't seen her. Which to be honest was not uncommon. Sometimes I'd see her inspecting her flowers, or getting in or out of her car. The last conversation I had with her was before my birthday, she told me she enjoyed watching me build my fence and that I was welcome to borrow her tree trimmers. She gave my girls little decorative bears.

We thought that was odd, but she was old. I thought she was mid 70's. Although she got around great and lived alone. Still drove herself to the store and to church. Still yelled at our neighbor across the street when they did stupid things.

Sunday, a week ago, I walked outside to a scene. An ambulance, fire truck, two police cars and the rescue squad were outside. I asked what they were doing and they said welfare check on my neighbor. A few minutes later the coroner showed up. I couldn't stand to watch them put her in the van. She was absolutely the best neighbor ever. When her obituary came out I learned she was not mid 70's that she had just turned 90. That she and her husband who preceded her in death were high school sweethearts.

Yesterday when I woke up I noticed pink flowers had bloomed in my yard that had never bloomed before. I like to think it was her way of saying bye. I always told her how gorgeous her yard was and how i was jealous. She offered me cuttings, but I was too embarrassed to tell her I had no idea how to get a cutting or what to do with it once i had it.

Friday I went to open house at the middle school and learned that my children's favorite teacher has moved on  to a new job. Its a once and a lifetime teaching opportunity for her. She will be the choir director at a arts magnet school in Lexington (an hour away) so we are devastated to see her leave, we have to be happy for her because this is wonderful for her. She is such a great teacher she deserves this.

So I made the new director a bunch of goodies. No I am not above sucking up

 The girls were horrified so I have to pass it off as welcoming him on behalf of the PTO

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