Hot Tub Necessities

I bought a hot tub. Well the above ground pool version of a hot tub. Its an inflatable, but it seats 4 and is so deep I can't actually sit in it without it being over my head.  It seems  to heat well and the bubbles are crazy good.

But buying the Hot tub I realized I can't just have a hot tub and be done with it. It needs other things too. Like

Floating Waterproof speakers- How can you sit in the tub without music on? I don't think you can so I've been looking at floating speakers. I love this one because of the lights although the reviews are kinda terrible.

New Beach Towels. Even after one day of hot tub ownership I can tell you its gonna be bad news for my towels. 4 people apparently need 6 towels.

Cup Holders. We have a no food rule, and Emmy made a no pet rule although I am pretty sure none of the animals wants to get in with us.

Table for phones/cooler/towels. I have a few low tables that are fine if you are sitting in a chair but don't really work well if you are in the hot tub because  you have to lean out so far to reach them.

So basically I got a really good deal on the hot tub which is great, because I have some shopping to do.

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