Happy Camper

I've been talking to someone. We have our first official date this coming weekend, we are camping. My track record with camping is not a good one. I did it once, hated the people I was with and got pneumonia. I'm willing to give it another try though.

I've known him awhile. Like since 1990. We kissed once in 1992 and he immediately got a girlfriend that wasn't me and they stayed  together until after high school. We lost touch after school although I did talk to his brother several times over the years.

7 years ago I was walking down the street, I was also going through a divorce not that it means anything to the story. I passed him and we both stopped and turned around  to look at each other, then started walking again. A few days later the same thing, only this time we stopped to talk. Then I didn't see or hear from him again.

Fast forward several weeks ago I spent my birthday on the lake with some friends I had been in band with. One of them said he had been asking for my number. I gave it to him. He called a few days later and  he has called and texted every day since.

After a boyfriend that would get mad at me for saying I missed him, because that somehow means I didn't think he should have been doing whatever it was that kept us apart. Also, one that would come to my town and go to the bar not a mile from my house but never call or text and certainly never stop in to say hi, Its kinda neat to have someone that texts me good morning first thing every day, and calls me every night to hear my voice.

I'm really trying not to get too excited about this. If my dating life has taught me anything its I shouldn't trust my instincts.

So, what does someone wear camping?

Straight Outta Kentucky

Its been awhile since I have done a Straight Outta Kentucky post. That isn't because stupid things haven't happened here. Mostly its because I tell myself to remember to post about it, and the totally forget.

Kinda like this story. I knew you guys would love it, and then I forgot about it. But, as fate would have it, it showed back up in my fb news feed and I miraculously remembered to share it.

Back in July a couple had taken some pills and were driving down the road looking for a place to swim. They were lost ad wandered down a dead end road. The car they were driving ran off the road and hit a utility pole. But sad for them, they also turned over a bee hive and were attacked by over 300 bees.

You have to watch the short video the eye witness account is what really makes the story hysterical.


Hot Tub Necessities

I bought a hot tub. Well the above ground pool version of a hot tub. Its an inflatable, but it seats 4 and is so deep I can't actually sit in it without it being over my head.  It seems  to heat well and the bubbles are crazy good.

But buying the Hot tub I realized I can't just have a hot tub and be done with it. It needs other things too. Like

Floating Waterproof speakers- How can you sit in the tub without music on? I don't think you can so I've been looking at floating speakers. I love this one because of the lights although the reviews are kinda terrible.

New Beach Towels. Even after one day of hot tub ownership I can tell you its gonna be bad news for my towels. 4 people apparently need 6 towels.

Cup Holders. We have a no food rule, and Emmy made a no pet rule although I am pretty sure none of the animals wants to get in with us.

Table for phones/cooler/towels. I have a few low tables that are fine if you are sitting in a chair but don't really work well if you are in the hot tub because  you have to lean out so far to reach them.

So basically I got a really good deal on the hot tub which is great, because I have some shopping to do.

I hate changes

I don't handle change well. I would definitely call myself a slow to warm up. Even if its a change I like and should be excited about it takes me forever to get use to the change.

This week I had two big events hit me and I am just not ready to accept either one of them yet.

My neighbor died. We had been busy with work and band camp. Our days were long and I didn't notice that I hadn't seen her outside in awhile. It popped into my head one day that I hadn't seen her. Which to be honest was not uncommon. Sometimes I'd see her inspecting her flowers, or getting in or out of her car. The last conversation I had with her was before my birthday, she told me she enjoyed watching me build my fence and that I was welcome to borrow her tree trimmers. She gave my girls little decorative bears.

We thought that was odd, but she was old. I thought she was mid 70's. Although she got around great and lived alone. Still drove herself to the store and to church. Still yelled at our neighbor across the street when they did stupid things.

Sunday, a week ago, I walked outside to a scene. An ambulance, fire truck, two police cars and the rescue squad were outside. I asked what they were doing and they said welfare check on my neighbor. A few minutes later the coroner showed up. I couldn't stand to watch them put her in the van. She was absolutely the best neighbor ever. When her obituary came out I learned she was not mid 70's that she had just turned 90. That she and her husband who preceded her in death were high school sweethearts.

Yesterday when I woke up I noticed pink flowers had bloomed in my yard that had never bloomed before. I like to think it was her way of saying bye. I always told her how gorgeous her yard was and how i was jealous. She offered me cuttings, but I was too embarrassed to tell her I had no idea how to get a cutting or what to do with it once i had it.

Friday I went to open house at the middle school and learned that my children's favorite teacher has moved on  to a new job. Its a once and a lifetime teaching opportunity for her. She will be the choir director at a arts magnet school in Lexington (an hour away) so we are devastated to see her leave, we have to be happy for her because this is wonderful for her. She is such a great teacher she deserves this.

So I made the new director a bunch of goodies. No I am not above sucking up

 The girls were horrified so I have to pass it off as welcoming him on behalf of the PTO

What House Are You In

Did you know July 31 is Harry Potter's birthday? Did you know there is a new book Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, that was released the same day?

Abbey and I went to a Harry Potter Release party Saturday night. She had to wear a shirt announcing to the world what house she was sorted in to.

I kept saying I felt like I was Slytherin, I had never officially been sorted, so Abbey sent me the link and I officially got sorted and surprise, surprise, I am Slytherin.

We are major Harry Potter nerds. Actually we are just big nerds and Harry Potter is just one of our outlets. I've read all the books, watched all the movies, and just couldn't wait for the new book to come out.

Have you watched Harry Potter or read the books? What house are you in?
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