Another Dating Site Update

As you know I have been trying a month of the Geek 2 Geek dating site. I waded through the old men, old enough to be my dad. I set rules for myself not to engage with the "how you doin' " guys and the ones asking me out as the conversation starter, especially when they are about 100-200 miles away. I did started talking to three guys. Nothing extreme just friendly back and forth with getting to know you type questions. So imagine my surprise when one of them breaks up with me. I didn't even think we were anything other than friendly conversation. I've determined  the dating world is crazy and complicated and I just don't get it. So I am going to go back to not trying to date.

But I would hate to deny you the laughs that I got when I read the "breakup" email. So here you go, enjoy.

"Hey Holly,

I apologize for the way I've handled things with you, I should've been honest with myself and you much earlier than now.  I don't see us going anywhere romantically.  We don't have a huge amount in common and we live a fair ways distant from one another.  You're cool and quite attractive, but it's time for me to get my act together and start setting more realistic standards besides just "This girl is hot, let's see where it goes."

We could still be friends if you want.  Actually, most of my close friends right now are women I've met online (not necessarily through dating sites).  It can be hard to develop real trust in that sort of friendship, but it just takes time.  I like to take my time when I'm getting to know someone anyway.

I'm sorry I've neglected to write to you for so long.  That wasn't nice or mature.  I just needed to sit down and use my brain to figure out what the problem was so I could tell you the truth.  It wasn't that hard, I just avoided doing it out of some kind of childish cowardice.  Having said that, I'll understand if you'd rather not bother with the whole friends thing.

So yeah, I'm figuring none of this is a huge shock to you, and I'm also figuring that you'll have no trouble finding a better man than me to date if you look in the right places.  Like eHarmony.  I didn't have any luck there because I was below the standards of all the women I showed interest in, but I don't see you having the same problem.

Good luck, Holly!"

There may be someone out there for me, but probably not. If he is, then he will have to find me and convince me I should be dating. In the mean time I will continue my hermit ways.

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